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Dormant political parties matter of concern to EC


By: Anmol Mattoo

The Election Commission is concerned about the rapidly increasing number of political parties in the country and their attitude. Parties are formed with big names and tall promises, but the core members do not fight elections seriously or do not fight at all.
In such a situation, instead of strengthening the public system, they have become a burden on the electoral system because whether they contest elections or not, the Commission has to work hard for them just like it does for seriously contesting election parties.
The surprising thing is that the number of such parties is not 100-200, but more than 2000. Most of them are those who have not contested elections even once. The Election Commission is busy dealing with the challenges of such parties. In recent times, the Commission has also taken action against about 400 registered parties that remained dormant from elections and did not submit annual reports.
Under this, these parties have been removed from the consideration of registered unrecognized parties. Besides, the election symbols given to them have also been snatched away and made dormant. It was recommended that about 250 parties get their exemption granted to the Income Tax Department for not giving accounts of election donations and not presenting the details of the expenses of the last election.
The Election Commission believes that it is necessary to take action against parties that are inactive and fight elections for their own sake as they are a burden on the electoral system as this creates chaos in elections.

According to the Commission's report, only 623 out of about 2800 parties had contested the 2019 . Although among these, there were only 60 who contested the elections seriously.
A major reason behind the increase in the number of electoral lists is the current registration rules for the parties. Through these, any party can register itself with the Election Commission by adding only 100 supporters whose names are registered in the list and paying Rs 10,000. Along with this, they get the same exemption including tax which gives speed to this game for forming a team.
According to the Election Commission, in 2018-19, 199 unrecognized registered parties took tax exemption of Rs 435 crore, whereas in 2019-20, 219 unrecognized registered parties took tax exemption of Rs 608 crore. However, the Commission had taken action against these parties for not submitting the audit report and had put them in the blacklist.
Out of 2800 unrecognized registration groups, about 740 parties have formed an alliance after 2019. Once someone is registered under the Representation of the People Act, his registration cannot be cancelled. Due to this, political parties remain fearless.
These parties, which do not contest elections even after registration, start with names like Rashtriya Akhil Bhartiya and level names which is is an interesting feature: Aapki, Hamari, Action Party, Annadata Party. The Election Commission has prepared a long list of election symbols for these parties, ranging from pen drives, laptops, to match boxes.


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