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Life StyleDon't Overlook the Signs: Detecting Early-Stage Prostate Cancer

Don’t Overlook the Signs: Detecting Early-Stage Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer is common among men today, but making simple changes can become life-saving! Dr Mohammed Shahid Ali sheds light on early symptoms and practical strategies to protect yourself from this disease

Part of the reproductive system in men, the prostate gland is a small walnut-shaped organ that produces seminal fluid. This fluid, along with the sperms produced in the testicles as well as other fluids made by various glands, make up semen. The prostate gland performs the essential function of keeping the sperm viable through its fluid, which is needed for successful conception.

However, there is a high chance among men of developing cancer in this organ. Prostate cancer is considered to be a serious issueas it can easily spread to nearby organs such as the bladder or rectum, as well as enter the bloodstream and affect other parts of the body.

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