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    Life StyleDoes eating raw garlic really clear up acne? A dermatologist shares the...

    Does eating raw garlic really clear up acne? A dermatologist shares the truth


    Can Eating Garlic Help Clear Up Acne? An Expert Weighs In

    As more and more people look for natural remedies to achieve clear and blemish-free skin, eating raw garlic has gained popularity as a proposed acne solution. However, dermatologists continue to debate its effectiveness.

    We asked Dr. Priya Kuri, a renowned dermatologist from Bangalore, to weigh in on the truth behind this home remedy. According to Dr. Kuri, while garlic contains compounds like allicin and thiosulfinates that have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, there is no scientific proof that consuming it alone can treat acne.

    She explained that garlic may provide various indirect benefits that could potentially aid skin health. However, eating it is not a magic bullet for clear complexion. Dr. Kuri also advises against direct application of raw garlic on pimples as it risks irritating the skin.

    The potent bioactive compound released when garlic is crushed is allicin. Dr. Kuri noted this forms when the clove is lightly aged or dried beforehand. While including garlic in meals offers an array of advantages, she suggested moderation to avoid issues like heartburn or foul breath.

    Consulting a dermatologist is key before using any kitchen ingredients on acne-prone skin. While natural methods increasingly gain popularity, prescription treatments remain the most evidence-backed approach according to experts. Overall, a balanced diet and stress-free lifestyle alongside prescribed medicine provides the best chance of clear, blemish-free skin.

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