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    Life StyleDoes adding ghee to tea really boost digestive health? An expert weighs...

    Does adding ghee to tea really boost digestive health? An expert weighs in


    Could Adding Ghee To Your Tea Boost Gut ? An Expert Weighs In

    Many tea lovers have recently started including a small dollop of ghee in their morning brew, claiming various wellness benefits. But does science support this unique combination? I spoke to a leading dietician to understand if this Indian cuisine staple truly aids digestion when enjoyed with chai.

    “Ghee is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that work to detoxify the body from within,” said Dr. Shruti Malhotra of Kapurthala Hospital. “It enhances the absorption of nutrients from other foods and helps balance stomach acid levels.” Tea consumed alone, especially on an empty stomach, can sometimes cause acidity issues. However, ghee appears to counteract tea's acidic properties, lowering inflammation risks.

    Certain components in ghee also support gut health when teamed with tea. “The medium-chain fatty acids in ghee, combined with antioxidants in tea like polyphenols, may fight free radicals associated with many diseases,” explained Dr. Malhotra. For those dealing with acid reflux or irritable bowel syndrome, ghee mixed with lukewarm water offers soothing relief as well.

    An additional benefit is ghee's effectiveness in aiding weight loss. “Its fatty acid composition stimulates fat burning while curbing appetite,” said the dietician. The nutrient profile of ghee and milk works in tandem to flush out stubborn fat deposits over time. However, those managing obesity or fatty liver disease still need moderation due to high calorie counts.

    Overall, early hints that ghee may bolster tea's refreshing qualities, making this Calcutta-style cocktail worth a try for gut and overall wellness. Of course, more scientific studies are still warranted. But for now, enjoying the classic Indian pairing in moderation seems quite rewarding.

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