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TechnologyDell XPS 13 2024 Review: Impressive Laptop Gets Powerful Upgrade with Copilot...

Dell XPS 13 2024 Review: Impressive Laptop Gets Powerful Upgrade with Copilot Plus Features


Dell XPS 13 2024 Review: Upgraded Laptop with Powerful Recall Feature

The latest Dell XPS 13 laptop comes with an upgraded design and powerful internals that make it one of the most capable personal computers currently available in the market. However, it's the new Copilot Plus features like Recall that truly stand out and have the potential to transform how we use Windows operating systems.

Featuring a thin and light aluminum chassis, the new XPS 13 looks sleek and minimalist like its predecessors. It larger keycaps for more comfortable typing along with haptic force touchpad. What's hidden under the hood is where the real upgrades lie. Powered by Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon X series chips, it delivers lightning-fast performance for everyday productivity tasks as well as creative work. The inclusion of dedicated neural processing unit provides an AI processing boost of up to 45 TOPS.

One of the most impressive new Copilot Plus features is Recall. With a simple voice command, it lets users instantly search and retrieve files, documents, emails or any past work directly from the laptop. Microsoft stores this metadata privately on the device itself, ensuring user privacy. In demonstrations, Recall worked flawlessly to pull up files within seconds using natural language. It has the potential to save users a lot of time previously spent searching.

Other AI capabilities include on-device translation of over 40 languages, virtual assistant Copilot for automation, and tools to enhance the Windows experience. All of this combined with multi-day battery life could make PCs more personal and productive with AI integration. While Windows on ARM is still in early stages, the XPS 13 delivers a glimpse of how AI may make personal computing more seamless and intuitive in the future. For power users and professionals, the Dell XPS 13 2024 paired with Copilot Plus is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful laptop options available today.

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