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    Life StyleDebate sparked by Gauri Khan's revelation of starting her day with chocolate

    Debate sparked by Gauri Khan’s revelation of starting her day with chocolate


    Gauri Khan's morning routine raises debate around chocolate consumption

    Celebrity interior designer Gauri Khan has opened up about her morning habit of starting the day with chocolate. While speaking to Curly Tales, Khan revealed that chocolate is the first thing she indulges in after waking up. However, is it truly beneficial to consume chocolate on an empty stomach in the morning? Experts weigh in on both sides of the debate.

    According to nutritionist Kanikka Malhotra, some recent has indicated potential advantages to enjoying chocolate shortly after rising. A small study found that having 100g of milk chocolate within an hour of waking led to decreased blood sugar levels and increased fat burning in postmenopausal participants, compared to those who abstained. However, Malhotra notes the study had limitations and more data is still needed. She also emphasizes the importance of portion control and food pairings when incorporating chocolate into one's diet.

    At the same time, Malhotra cautions against relying on chocolate alone for morning sustenance. A balanced breakfast provides long-lasting energy through complex carbs, protein for fullness, and fiber-rich fruits and veggies. If choosing to indulge in chocolate, she recommends sticking to a small serving of dark chocolate paired with nuts or nut butter to offset any blood sugar spikes. Overall and individual reactions should also guide such choices over the long term.

    While Gauri Khan's morning chocolate ritual sparked discourse, experts agree more research is necessary before conclusively deeming it beneficial or detrimental when consumed in isolation. Moderation and a well-rounded diet appear to be the keys regardless of one's preferences for breakfast indulgence.

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