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TechnologyComputex 2024 to showcase heated competition between ARM and x86 laptops

Computex 2024 to showcase heated competition between ARM and x86 laptops


The annual Computex tech conference is set to showcase an intriguing new battle between personal computers (PCs) powered by different processor architectures. After years of dominance by Intel and AMD chips, PCs featuring ARM-based processors from companies like Qualcomm are gaining popularity, presenting users with more options than ever before.

A major driver of this shift is Microsoft's new “Copilot+” branded laptops that run on Windows 11 and Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon chips. By partnering with Qualcomm, Microsoft is leveling the playing field for ARM processors and widening Windows compatibility beyond traditional x86 chips. Copilot+ promises responsive performance and long battery life through dedicated neural processing.

Major PC makers like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung have already joined Microsoft in unveiling Snapdragon-powered Copilot+ models. While only Qualcomm currently provides the specialized hardware required for Copilot+ features, Intel and AMD are working on comparable solutions of their own targeting a late 2024 launch.

Early comparisons show the new ARM-based Surface devices from Microsoft outperforming previous generations significantly in benchmarks and estimated runtime between charges. However, with Computex just weeks away, Intel and AMD will aim to showcase advances ensuring their x86 chips remain competitive on efficiency and processing power too.

Going forward, Windows PCs are poised to continue diversifying in available processor technologies. Computex 2024 may cement ARM chips as a mainstream Windows option, bringing exciting new choices and incentives for innovation across the entire PC landscape. The evolving competition is sure to benefit consumers with improved performance, value and choice.

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