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OpinionsCelebrate Diwali with Earthen Lamps !

Celebrate Diwali with Earthen Lamps !


Er. Jayesh Rane

Diwali and electricity-powered lighting are equated. Every year new types of electric string lights are coming in the market to attract the customers. Consumers also take it. This means they have access to a good market. That is why every year new products running on electricity appear in the market.

As Diwali approaches, where are the electrical string lights in the house, are they in good condition? It is verified and if any defects are found, a new string lights are purchased directly. With the excitement of Diwali, shopkeepers are looking at how they can get few more money through string lights and customers are insisting on reducing rates. But since the shopkeepers have a crowd of customers, they remain firm on the price fixed by them. So, if the string lights can be purchased at the stated price, then it is stopped there, otherwise, where else do you get pylon at a low price? A few more shops are visited for this.

No warranty is given on any electrical string lights. There is a different fear in the mind that the string lights running in the shop should not be closed after going home. Because the shopkeeper has already warned ‘This item is not guaranteed.' Still the string lights are purchased at the risk of financial loss. If it works, it works otherwise it doesn't. The money spent on it was considered wasted. This is the understanding given to the mind. In some cases these string lights last for 4 – 5 years. But all this is not reliable.

Now is the age of instant. It has a cute name called Modern Age. Everything should be controlled at the fingertips without waking up E.g. AC turns on when the remote button is pressed. Also, pressing the button turns on any electrical device. But it would be good if such devices are available that one does not have to move even to press the button. Such a mentality has happened. China outsmarted Indians in the early days with small electronic devices. Many people fell into this trap and eventually got used to it and could not live without these ‘use and throw away' products made in China. Especially on Diwali, the impression of this is clearly visible. 365 days Chinese food is consumed with taste. Chinese dishes appeared in events like weddings, birthdays etc. China, with its expansionist stance, began to intrude into Indian border areas. Deadly attacks on soldiers. But the Indian soldiers gave them a tight fight and beat up those ‘one and a half feet'. China has remained where it is and continues to make Indians dance to its own tune through the marketplace. He has had good success in that. The negative effect of the formula of boycott on Chinese goods had to be suffered by China in the form of economic loss. However, China's dominance in the Indian market has not completely disappeared.

Diwali is a festival celebrated in on a grand scale. But China has got hold of it. Doesn't it hurt? Why are we so obsessed with China? Today, it has become such a situation that Chinese electric string lights are placed on the doors of houses during Diwali. They have electric lights on the threshold. Where has our pylon made of wool gone? , where are the earthen lamps? , the marigold flowers and the mango leaf garlands on the woolen pylons of the door disappeared. Instead of wool pylons, pylons with plastic marigold flowers became desirable. This is called giving 100% importance to the uses of artificial objects over natural ones. In marigold i.e. gende flowers in Hindi. It did not get good price on the occasion of Dussehra in . The price was 80-100 rupees per kg in the retail market. Other time during festival it goes up to Rs 150 per kg. Some farmers had to throw away the flowers as the goods did not take off as expected, while some had to bear the loss considering the travel expenses of the tempo, food, toll charges. Tell me, does anyone care? On one side there were pylons of mariegold flowers and on the other side there were plastic garlands of mariegold flowers in the shop. The intrusion of China in the festival also killing the farmers here.

After a product is rejected, how to introduce another new product in the market and bring it down the throat of the customers? China has mastered the technique and is doing so. India is making progress. But the people here are failing to beat China back from the market here. So we are not a hindrance in the progress of India? It should be looked seriously. My country should always be on the path of progress. This is the welfare of me and the country. Economic blockade of China is possible only if it is felt like this. Otherwise, the dragon named China will become stronger on the money of Indians. Which happened so far.

The use of earthen lamps on Diwali has remained a mere formality. More emphasis is on electrical flashing. Therefore, electric lamps are installed even though there are no earthen lamps. Let's honestly ask ourselves a question ‘Do I really want to celebrate the festival traditionally? If the answer is no, then it is very serious. Because it needs to be answered. Diwali is the festival of lights. Why I am running behind artificial happiness instead of enjoying the festival of lights by bringing something artificial from the market? Artificial always lives up to its name and will never come close to natural satisfaction.

When there is no electricity, there is anxiety. During Diwali, the electricity consumption is more than usual due to the lighting of houses. As this load cannot be borne, when the electricity suddenly goes off, darkness spreads everywhere. In such a case, only those earthen lamps who shine on the oil are useful. They keep the darkness away and make the area free from darkness. Then it is entirely in our hands to follow the runner or to light up the Diwali by using the earthen lamps that give light in a steady and calm manner.

Leaders do not miss the opportunity to shine on the festive occasion. If not, how can they be political leaders? Some offer packets of ubton ( Used during Diwali Abhyangasnaan ) There are of many leaders on it. Should we do the Diwali Abhyangasnaan with the same ubton? At other times, the faces seen on the hoardings in the areas also appear on the packets of the ubton. It is not required. Even if these packets are not received, people still take abhyangasnan. It is not at all possible to take Abhyangasnan using the ubtan given by them. The political gimmicks on the occasion of festivals are shocking.

Deepotsav is celebrated in many places during Diwali. Many earthen lamps are used. A lot of photographs are taken by attending the place to witness the Deepotsav. The mind feels extremely satisfied by looking at the lights, so the mind is attracted to such places. A boycott of Chinese goods is a must. Also, it is important that I celebrate Diwali according to Diwali. Points are mainly involved in this festival like procession of relatives, sweets, new clothes, lighting of the area with oil used earthen lamps, construction of forts etc. Let's keep this in mind and enjoy Diwali.

Diwali means the lighting of the lights. Lamps are made by placing a cotton wick in an earthen lamps and lighting it with oil. But to do this, one has to do simple work to turn the wick and who will do this simple work for a few seconds? Put oil in the lamp. Put a wick in it every day. wick is also available ready made in the market. But they feel unwanted. Wax lamps are applied. There is also artificiality. Why are we so lazy? When the button is pressed, the electric pylon turns on. It is considered satisfactory. The real Diwali is celebrated only with the help of earthen lamps. It is neglected out of laziness.


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