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    Life StyleCan intermittent fasting help manage type 2 diabetes? Experts weigh the pros...

    Can intermittent fasting help manage type 2 diabetes? Experts weigh the pros and cons


    With type 2 diabetes affecting millions worldwide, finding effective dietary approaches to control blood sugar levels is crucial. One such method gaining attention is intermittent fasting, but can it truly aid diabetes management? We explore the 5:2 fasting method and its potential role.

    Consulting endocrinologist Dr. A, explained that the 5:2 approach involves eating normally for 5 days and restricting calories to 400-500 on the other 2 days. Studies show this style can lower fasting plasma glucose and aid diabetes control. However, more is still needed to fully understand any direct benefits beyond weight loss, which itself improves blood sugar regulation.

    Regarding safety, Dr. A noted that while the 5:2 approach may aid short-term weight loss, it's not recommended long-term for those with illnesses like kidney disease. Growing children, the elderly, pregnant women and diabetics relying on insulin or multiple medications should avoid this. A daily balanced, calorie-conscious diet is generally preferable when managing conditions like diabetes.

    If daily dieting isn't feasible, Dr.A stated that 5:2 fasting could be considered temporarily but only under medical guidance. Non-fasting days must still follow balanced nutrition guidelines rather than unrestricted eating. Individual circumstances also require factoring, as a one-size-fits-all approach does not apply medically.

    Overall, more robust research on intermittent fasting and diabetes is still ongoing. But moderate calorie reduction through balanced diets appears the most prudent approach for long-term diabetic , according to experts. Medical advice remains crucial when considering significant dietary changes, especially for those living with conditions like type 2 diabetes.

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