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    Life StyleCan a Simple Spice Mix of Carom, Cumin and Fennel Seeds Boost...

    Can a Simple Spice Mix of Carom, Cumin and Fennel Seeds Boost Health Goals Like Weight Loss?


    According to celebrity chef Meghna Kamdar, a simple home remedy combining carom seeds, cumin seeds and fennel seeds can have powerful benefits for digestion, weight loss and overall wellness. She recommends consuming half a teaspoon of a roasted powder blend made from equal parts of these three seeds, mixed with lemon juice in water, before each meal.

    I spoke to Ayurvedic expert Dr. Dimple Jangda to learn more about the potential of this ‘magical powder'. She explained that carom seeds can rev up the metabolism and burn calories due to properties that also improve digestion and ease bloating. When the gut is functioning well, it maximizes nutrient absorption to fuel active lives with sustained energy levels. Interestingly, carom seeds contain antioxidants that may counter daytime fatigue as well as support restful sleep at night.

    Cumin seeds offer similar metabolism-boosting and appetite-suppressing benefits according to Dr. Jangda, helping to efficiently convert food to fuel the body while controlling unnecessary cravings. They also rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that nourish both physical and mental wellness. Fennel seeds likewise promote calcium absorption and overall digestive for enhanced weight loss.

    As for lemons, Dr. Jangda notes they assist metabolism and detoxification due to vitamin C content. Combined with increased feelings of fullness from fiber, lemon water can aid natural calorie burning throughout the day. The results may include a slimmer figure as well as more sustained energy levels due to efficient gut function and toxin removal.

    However, Shradha Singh from Regency Hospital cautions that while incorporating these seeds may provide complementary support, sustainable health goals require a holistic lifestyle approach including balanced nutrition, physical activity, stress relief and adequate rest. Consult your doctor before significantly changing diet or supplement routines. When combined judiciously as part of active living, this versatile spice blend could help some achieve weight loss and wellbeing dreams.

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