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EntertainmentBoney Kapoor opens up about Sridevi's spiritual side and unconventional nature

Boney Kapoor opens up about Sridevi’s spiritual side and unconventional nature


Many of us may not have known about the spiritual side of the late legendary actress Sridevi. However, her husband Boney Kapoor recently opened up about how religious she was in an interview. He revealed that Sridevi was more devoted to her faith than even him. What's interesting is that her piety had such an impact on Kapoor that he started believing more because of her influence.

When asked about Sridevi's personality, Kapoor fondly recalled an unusual yet defining act that showcased her unconventional nature. He shared that when Sridevi's mother passed away, it was Sridevi herself who lit the funeral pyre. Usually considered a man's responsibility in some cultures, Sridevi broke stereotypes by performing this final rite for her mother. Her courageous move spotlighted her willingness to go against the grain.

Sridevi's daughter Janhvi Kapoor is clearly following in her mother's footsteps. Devout in her faith like Sridevi, Janhvi has visited the famous Tirupati temple 50 times – a testament to her deep reverence.

While the film still deeply misses Sridevi's magic on screen, through her family's loving words, we get glimpses of the person she was – ahead of her time both professionally and personally. Her legendary feats on screen were matched by a rich inner life of spirituality that grew stronger through the years. Sridevi's influential charm continues to touch lives even today.

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