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    Life StyleBollywood Star Endorses Solkadhi, Maharashtra's Traditional Summer Cooler

    Bollywood Star Endorses Solkadhi, Maharashtra’s Traditional Summer Cooler


    Vick Kaushal Endorses Solkadhi, An Age-Old Cooling Drink From Maharashtra

    Popular actor Vick Kaushal recently endorsed an old medicinal drink called ‘Solkadhi' on social media calling it refreshing for the soul. Solkadhi, which originated centuries ago on the Konkan coast spanning Maharashtra and Goa, is still popular among locals for its benefits and ability to beat the summer heat.

    According to experts, fishermen from the coastal villages traditionally relied on Solkadhi due to its natural properties. Made with kokum fruit and fresh coconut milk, its light and nutritious composition kept communities hydrated through humid seasons. Over time, its popularity spread beyond coastal areas becoming a favorite in Maharashtra, especially post meals for digestion.

    Nutrition consultant Kanikka Malhotra shares Solkadhi's key ingredients like kokum, coconut milk and spices each provide antioxidants and other disease-fighting compounds. Combined, they create a beverage that supports the gut, hydrates the body and may protect from common illnesses in hot . Kokum's high vitamin C also boosts immunity while coconut milk adds electrolytes and healthy fats.

    For those wanting to make Solkadhi at home, Malhotra shares an easy recipe. By soaking kokum and blending it with coconut milk, garlic, ginger and chilies and allowing chia seeds to absorb liquid, a thickly textured pink drink results. With additions like coriander for flavor, this natural cooler can be enjoyed to beat the summer heat safely. Filled with nutrients from coconut to kokum, Solkadhi has undoubtedly earned its credibility as a timeless drink ‘for the soul' as Kaushal described.

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