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Life StyleBMC Urges Caution on Mumbai Street Food amid Rising Summer Temperatures

BMC Urges Caution on Mumbai Street Food amid Rising Summer Temperatures


A Warning on Street Food this Summer

As the temperatures continue rising across Mumbai, the civic body has issued an important advisory urging residents to exercise caution when consuming street foods. This comes following recent incidents of suspected food poisoning that have raised concerns about food safety.

According to reports, a few individuals fell ill and were hospitalized after eating street food items like shawarmas from local vendors. In one tragic case, a young man lost his life. With the soaring heat intensifying bacterial growth, authorities want citizens to be aware of elevated risks.

Food poisoning occurs when contaminated foods are ingested. Common causes include unsafe food handling practices and consumption of unstable foods in warm environments. Harmful pathogens multiply rapidly in warm conditions, making hygiene and storage even more crucial.

Vendors have been advised to follow strict guidelines. Perishables must be kept chilled. Surfaces and utensils require rigorous cleaning. All cooking must reach sufficient temperatures to kill germs. Consumers too play a role – choosing reputable stalls and avoiding items prone to spoilage in high heat.

While policies aim to regulate street food, consistent enforcement remains a challenge. Experts recommend stepped-up inspections and drives. Providing facilities to vendors can boost adherence to safety standards. Stricter accountability may also deter non-compliance. Public guidance is equally important to curb illnesses.

This summer, with a little care from sellers and careful choices by patrons, the vibrant street food can be enjoyed safely. Let's do our part to stay healthy.

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