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Life StyleBlinkit responds after Telangana food regulators uncover violations at fulfillment center

Blinkit responds after Telangana food regulators uncover violations at fulfillment center


Blinkit responds to warehouse inspection by Telangana authorities

A recent inspection of a grocery fulfillment center run by Indian quick commerce startup Blinkit in Hyderabad uncovered several and safety violations. The food regulators from Telangana who carried out the raid also seized expired products worth over Rs. 82,000.

According to a statement given to authorities, Blinkit is cooperating fully with the Telangana Food Safety Department to address the issues found and implement necessary corrections. The inspection was part of the department's ongoing efforts to ensure establishments follow appropriate food handling and storage guidelines.

Some of the key issues identified included improper storage of items, expired licenses for certain products, and lack of hygiene practices amongst staff. Cosmetic items were also stored too close to food products. Medical certificates and training certifications for handlers were missing. The premise was reportedly in poor condition with dusty racks and disorganized layout.

Eating contaminated or expired food can increase the risks of illnesses like food poisoning. Dr. Sudhir Kumar, a neurologist in Hyderabad, emphasized infections from unclean environments are a real threat. Beyond expiry dates, contamination from improper handling and sanitation is another serious health concern. Consumers need to remain vigilant in verifying labels and condition of products prior to usage.

The Food Safety Commissioner stated the delivery firm had been issued notices and further action would follow based on their response and remedial steps. This raid highlighted the importance of compliance for industry players and maintaining oversight to protect public health. Blinkit is committed to working through the process to address all concerns raised during the inspection.

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