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EditorialBegging Menace at Jammu Crossings!

Begging Menace at Jammu Crossings!


Though begging is now out of the ambit of in J&K as per a significant judgment by the and High Court, which had declared criminalization of beggary to be unconstitutional and struck down the provision of the Jammu & Kashmir Prevention of Beggary Act, 1960 and the Jammu & Kashmir Prevention of Beggary Rules, 1964, it is proving to be a big menace at the busy crossings of Jammu City. Here, beggars in odd forms appear from nowhere soliciting alms on various pretexts diverting the attention of the drivers who have halted their vehicles on account of red signals.

Begging poses a significant challenge in Jammu, impacting social dynamics and economic stability. Addressing this menace requires a multi-faceted approach, involving social welfare programmes, rehabilitation, and public awareness campaigns. Collaborative efforts between the government, NGOs, and the community are essential to create sustainable solutions that uplift those in need while mitigating the causes of begging.

Begging at the traffic signals is not at all a good sign because there is every chance of a mishap due to high density of vehicles in Jammu City and therefore the government should ensure that the beggars do not exaggerate the problems on roads in temple city as already the commuters are facing many. Even like many other metro cities of the country, many beggars in Jammu have transformed their way of livelihood by starting to sell insignificant things turning the crossings into busy markets as many a time drivers of the vehicles could be seen bargaining with these beggar-turned salesmen to make a profitable deal without caring about traffic jam due to their misadventures of shopping while on steering.

This is not a trivial issue as begging is a profitable ‘' and requires no investment thus if the things will not be contained rationally days are not far when beggars will rule the roost and there will be horde of these beggars on crossings making it further difficult to cruise vehicles and come out of the mess without having ‘encounters' with these uninvited guests. In the backdrop of the ambitious project of Jammu Smart City, begging nuisance would remain a shabby picture for the city and citizens.


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