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An Article for the Publication


By- Er.Rajesh Pathak

311, DK  Surbhi, Gomti colony
Nehru Nagar, Bhopal, M.P.

               Imparting  social virtues among children through festivals 

Once Lord  Rama asked  Hanuman, Who are you?  On this Hanuman answers-‘ Prabhu! If I am in the form of  physical body alone , then I am your  disciple in your service. If I am in the form of thought , then I am your part. And if in the form of soul am I, then I am nothing but  you only, being very much integrated to yourself.'  Physically, intellectually and spiritually in all  three respect Hanumanji's life is like an ideal preceptor to human being. This we see from the answer Hanumanji gives above in conversation with Rama.
Tender young mind is most fertile to receive knowledge . And at this stage of age who could be better master  to them than Hanuman. All that a boy requires , in the character of Hanuman everything is there. Only he is required to be made to recall them.
However, in recent past one that spread the message of Hanuman far and wide he is none other than the  guru of Chhatrapati Shivaji, Samarth Ramdas. He toured the country continuously for 12 years , and established Hanuman temples village to village, inspiring  the tradition of collective strength at local level vis-à-vis Mughal invaders. . Since, being  hard-core iconoclast ,  Mughal soldiers  would break the idols in the temple , it was he who made the provision of painting with sacred  bhagwa -colour on the surface of  any piece of stone to be consecrated as very symbol of Hanuman, as a substitute in given circumstances. For the first time he called on Sant- Parishad in Maharashtra, inviting Hindu saints of different cults. Here by virtue of his efforts the saints went back with the message of being active not only for self- enlightenment but also for the good. With Ramjanamotsav, he laid the tradition of celebrating Hanuman Jyanti more notably.
And now it has come to be celebrated  in the country  according to different ways of their own. Near the capital Bhopal of Madhypradesh lies a city  Sehore, the headquarter of district also. Adjoining the  Dhobhi-ghat  (washer men-bank )of Sewan river of the city  there is Swadesh nagar mainly resided by semi-literate, self -employed communities living on the marginal income . Here a rare event of its kind  came to notice that could be inspiring to well-to-do section of society. The local unit of Akhil Bharitya Marwadi Mahila Sammailan came forward to celebrate Hanuman Jyanti this year among the small children of the Swadesh nagar. They utilized the occasion by distributing  materials required for the study among  the children coming organized daily in the Sanskar-kendra already running by organization , ‘Sewa Bharti' in the basti. Since along with the , sanskaras or social virtues are also important likewise, Children were made to sing the bhajanas ( religious songs).  The event than came to an end with the recital of Hanuman Chalisa by all, notably!

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