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    TechnologyAcemagic X1 revealed as the world's first dual-screen laptop with a horizontal...

    Acemagic X1 revealed as the world’s first dual-screen laptop with a horizontal folding design


    A Unique Folding Laptop With Dual Screens Unveiled

    At this year's Computex tech show, Chinese company Acemagic showcased an unusual dual-screen laptop called the X1 that folds in a horizontal manner. Most dual-display laptops seen in the market so far feature vertically stacked screens. However, the Acemagic X1 tries something different with its 360-degree hinge design. This allows users to position the two 14-inch screens side-by-side or flip one screen all the way around to the back for sharing content face-to-face.

    While dual-screen portables are nothing new, the X1 stands out with its rotating display mechanism. This versatile design opens up possibilities like playing games or watching together that aren't possible on vertically joined notebook displays. Though other specs are pending confirmation, Acemagic claims the X1 packs useful features like Intel's 12th-gen Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB storage and fast WiFi 6 connectivity.

    Running on a two year old Intel processor may not make it the most powerful device. However, for its innovative folding form factor and big screen real estate from dual 14-inch Full HD panels, the Acemagic X1 seems like an intriguing laptop with productivity and usage scenarios. It remains to be seen when exact specs and pricing become available, and if this unique dual-screen laptop concept will make it to markets worldwide.

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