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OpinionsAb Rashid Beig - Humble and a high calibre teacher

Ab Rashid Beig – Humble and a high calibre teacher



As his remarkable 34 year career in the department came to an end on 30-03-2024, Ab Rashid Beig the esteemed Headmaster of Govt BHS Sopat Kulgam, stands tall as a symbol of unwavering dedication and unparalleled commitment to the field of education. His journey, marked by milestones of excellence and achievements, has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all those who have had the privilege of working with and learning from him. Mr Beig's embarking into the of education was not merely a profession but a calling—a calling to inspire, nurture, and empower young minds. His passion for imparting knowledge, coupled with his belief in the transformative power of education, became the cornerstone of his illustrious career. He had joined the education department few decades ago and after serving as a teacher for several years he was promoted as Master. In 2022 he was bestowed with the promotion as Headmaster and has been working in the same capacity till date. During his service career, he has not failed to see his students qualify for prestigious exams and secure high-profile positions in diverse fields such as civil services, medicine, engineering, teaching, etc. I am fortunate enough to have been one among his hundreds of students who have had the opportunity of learning Maths from this legendary teacher. I remember sharply it was the year 1995 when I was reading in 6th class and Mr Beig was transferred to High School Sopat. In class 6th and 7th, he was assigned to teach Social Science to us but in 9th and 10th classes he taught us Maths. I still remember the way and techniques he implemented while teaching us Maths. He was so brilliant in Maths that whenever any student recited first few words of a question he would say”” Stop Stop, I know after that “ and read the remaining part of that particular question himself and then taught us how to solve that question. Whether it was Mensuration, Sets, Algebra, Trigonometry or Geometry, Mr Beig always felt comfortable in teaching his students with utmost compression and understanding. His students never felt the need of a private tuition the way today's students are seeking it after formal schooling hours or during early morning hours. He would complete the syllabus almost two months prior to the commencement of the annual board exams aiming to make available plenty of time to his students for the preparation. There were two sections of class 9th and 10th at High School Sopat. Mr Beig was teaching Maths to section B while Mr Mohd Akbar Kumar another hardworking and noble teacher was teaching to section A. Whenever Mr Akbar would be on a casual leave or any other official duty, Mr Beig used to call a combined class of both the sections and gave a general or basic maths lecture to make us comfortable and acquainted about basic maths. I say with complete honesty and truth that teachers like Beig sahib are seldom and rarely found in contemporary times, where teaching has been almost commercialized by the selfish and apathetic professionals who's only motive during the career remains to suck the blood of impoverished people. They were enquiring about the absent students next day on morning Assembly to restrict them from making it habitual. Not only were the teachers like Beig sahib concerned about the career and future of students but also were they enthusiastic to guide them to embrace a bright future and touch the skies. Besides being always punctual and dedicated to his services, Mr Beig would never compromise on his honesty, integrity and sincerity. Whether it was a function in the school premises or an outing during a picnic, Mr Beig was given the responsibility to manage which he adeptly handled flawlessly. Further being a local during his posting at BHS Sopat, Mr Beig would specially focus on the educational development of the students of his neighbouring habitations of Sopat, Berigam, Cheyan Adigam and Bangihal. I remember when my result of class 9th was declared and result sheet was in the hands of Beig sahib, upon checking my result it came to fore that I had secured below his expectations. He almost chided me for the dismal performance and advised to work even more harder. I tried my level best to not let him down in near future and worked tirelessly, the result was that I started performing good in both class tests as well as annual exams. Without any prejudice and bias, I wholeheartedly declare that what I am today is because of the noble and hardworking teachers like Beig sahib who transformed and taught me heartily and guided me from time to time. Beig sahib always remained at the forefront when it came to help weak and impoverished class students interms of their either fee concession or purchasing uniform and other stationary items for them. Besides being a person of noble heart, Beig sahib always wore a formal but enchanting dress of dashing style. It not only enhanced his own physical personality but also left a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of his students. With a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, I am reminded of a big tragedy Beig sahib met a couple of years ago when his lone beloved teenager son Haroon Rashid had lost his life. May his soul rest in peace and may Almighty Allah grant him highest place in Jannah. Apart from teaching Maths, it was almost a routine for Beig sahib to give a moral lesson particularly at Morning Assembly. During his tenure at BHS Sopat, I remember the institution always showed exceptionally excellent results. More than 80 students were enrolled as regular candidates in each academic session and the pass percentage always stood above 95% which showed the dedication and unwavering commitment of the teaching faculty to impart better and quality education in the school. If I go on to write about a teacher and a selfless man like Beig sahib, I think I may fall short of words to describe a dynamic personality like him. So to conclude my tribute to this distinguished teacher of my area, I dedicate a quote of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam the missile man and people's president of to Beig sahib…“Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, calibre, and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me.” -APJ Abdul Kalam.


Writer is a columnist hailing from Qazigund .





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