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    Life StyleA Peek into Sonakshi Sinha's Simple Yet Effective Daily Beauty Routine

    A Peek into Sonakshi Sinha’s Simple Yet Effective Daily Beauty Routine


    As rumours circulate about actress Sonakshi Sinha's marriage to actor Zaheer Iqbal, let's take a peek into the self-proclaimed early riser's simple daily lifestyle and beauty regimen that keeps her glowing. The Heeramandi star admits that while she enjoyed a laidback morning routine of coffee and catching up on messages in bed in the past, things have slowly changed in her 30s with a newfound focus on self-care.

    Sinha's day begins with two hot cups of water which she finds kickstarts her metabolism. A South Indian breakfast of upma, sambar and chutney is also a favorite of the Dabangg actress. When asked about her skincare routine, she laughingly confesses that until recently she had none. However, in her third decade she realized the importance of moisturizing her naturally lovely skin blessed by her parents' good genes.

    A homemade aloe vera, jojoba and almond oil paste gently massaged onto her face is her go-to regime. She also relies on her mother's organic beauty hacks like applying ghee or coconut oil followed by a clay mask. Taking after her mother's DIY ways, the Bollywood celebrity has even used a fresh aloe vera leaf to refresh her complexion. A minimal 10-minute routine of tinted sunscreen, concealer and lipstick completes her look before stepping out.

    Other lifestyle changes Sinha adopted include returning to strength training after years away from the gym engaged in yoga and pilates. Getting adequate sleep without any makeup is also paramount according to the Natural Star. With her easygoing yet effective approach, Sonakshi proves that aging gracefully is an that doesn't require much effort.

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