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    Life StyleA Guide to Decoding Viral TikTok Trends in Fashion, Beauty and Food

    A Guide to Decoding Viral TikTok Trends in Fashion, Beauty and Food


    TikTok Trends Demystified: A Guide to the Latest Viral Styles and Food Fads

    Social media, especially video platforms like TikTok, have the power to quickly ignite new trends that capture people's imaginations. However, keeping up with the ever-changing slang and challenges can leave some users understandably bewildered. To help make sense of it all, here is a breakdown of some of the prominent styles, aesthetics and dishes that have taken the internet by storm in recent times.

    Fashion Fans Embrace Bold Colors:

    The unabashedly pink aesthetic dubbed “Barbiecore” saw a massive surge in popularity earlier this year. Inspired by the playful color palate of Mattel's iconic doll, the trend manifested in everything from fashion to beauty. Meanwhile, “Coastal Grandma” evokes a more relaxed California vibe defined by relaxed linens and hues of light blue. For nature lovers, “Cottagecore” pays tribute to idyllic countryside vibes through flowy floral dresses and a pastoral palette. Bolder looks also entered the rotation, like the animal prints and big hair embraced by followers of the aptly named “Mob Wives” trend.

    Makeup Looks Find New Inspiration:

    On the beauty front, fresh-faced minimalism reigns supreme with the “Clean Girl” look. For colder seasons, “Cold Girl Makeup” brings a naturally flushed effect to cheeks and nose. “Latte Makeup” draws from the warm tones of the caffeinated drink, while “Strawberry Makeup” taps into corresponding pink and red hues.

    Food Trends Serve Up Convenience:

    From quick and easy “Girl Dinners” perfect for low-effort evenings to the chopped Italian sandwich, convenience remains key. Other whimsical food Finds include the sticky-sweet “McDonald's Grimace Shake” and burger-stuffed “Smash Burger Tacos”. “WaterTok” also inspired colorful fruit-infused versions of the humble beverage.

    While keeping pace with constantly rotating online trends can feel overwhelming, this glossary offers a starting point to decode some of the most prominent movements in fashion, beauty and food born on TikTok and beyond. Stay tuned for what's next – but in the meantime, feel free to trade in your for trying a trend or two yourself!

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