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    Life Style11-year-old Maya Neelakantan stuns America's Got Talent with her unique blend of...

    11-year-old Maya Neelakantan stuns America’s Got Talent with her unique blend of Carnatic music and rock


    When Maya Neelakantan stepped on the stage of America's Got Talent, one of the biggest talent shows on television, no one knew quite what to expect from the young musician. Dressed in a traditional Indian outfit and wielding an electric guitar, Maya opened her performance with an intricate rendition of a classical Indian raga. But it was only the beginning of a performance that would leave the audience and judges stunned.

    Flawlessly transitioning between styles, Maya seamlessly blended the intricate melodies of Carnatic music with the aggressive sounds of rock and metal. Her medley that brought together two diverse genres was met with a standing ovation from everyone present. Simon Cowell, the long-time AGT judge, was so impressed that he referred to Maya as a “Rock goddess”. Her audition footage that aired last week has since gone viral online, garnering millions of views and cementing Maya's talent on a global stage.

    The 11-year-old, born in Chennai to an Indian father and Australian mother, has been deeply immersed in both Carnatic music and rock styles from a young age. She began learning the guitar at 6 years old and was inspired by the energetic sounds of bands like Metallica from a young age. Maya went on to blend her classical training with her unique rock-influenced style. Her mastery of complex Carnatic melodies combined with the complex solos of rock and metal sets her apart as an extremely talented musician.

    Since her breakthrough audition, Maya has been praised by legendary musicians like Tool guitarist Adam Jones. She hopes to continue progressing as an artist and combining diverse genres in her original music. With her breathtaking talent and growing global fanbase, Maya Neelakantan is sure to inspire many as she begins her musical journey towards potential stardom.

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