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Understanding Additional Hurdles of Pregnancy After 35 on National Safe Motherhood Day

As Safe Motherhood Day draws attention to ensuring safe pregnancies, experts shine light on specific challenges faced by expecting mothers above 35 years of age. While starting a family later in life has benefits, medical professionals acknowledge increased risks during the journey.

Fertility expert Dr. Garima Sawhney notes one primary hurdle is natural conception becoming difficult with the age-related drop in egg quantity and quality post 35. However, she reassures fertility treatments offer hope for some. Another factor is a slightly higher likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities in the baby like Down's syndrome with advanced maternal age. Thankfully, prenatal screenings help detect potential issues early.

Ob/Gyn Dr. Nupur Gupta emphasizes how conditions such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure witness a rise in incidence among older moms. Multiple conceptions from fertility methods also augment risks such as preeclampsia. The risk of preterm birth leading to neonatal ICU admission and cesarean delivery is seen to inch up.

Dr. Gupta stresses the importance of lifestyle modifications like diet, exercise and weight management gain significance to counter certain age-related complications during pregnancy. Her list of pre-planning medical tests aid in personalized care catering to every woman's health circumstances.

Both doctors unanimously agree regular checkups enable medical experts to monitor for issues and tackle them promptly. Developing open communication allows evaluating each case individually for smooth sailing. With due diligence and holistic support, several women achieve complication-free deliveries, even after three and a half decades of age.

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