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    EditorialThink Beyond Basic Tourism Expansion

    Think Beyond Basic Tourism Expansion


    Unlike many popular tourist destinations across the country developed by the British, Patnitop in and Kashmir is quite quiet and serene because its environmental sanctity is still preserved for the reason it was not commercialized like Shimla, Mussoorie, Dalhousie, etc, where finding solace especially in summer months is next to impossible due to hustle-bustle of tourists and presence of more shops than the trees and cliffs.

    The people should thank the rulers of erstwhile J&K Kingdom because they ensured that the captivating landscapes of this hill resort and many others in the region remain untouched making these places including the Patnitop the perfect place to go into trance and enjoy the nature at its best. It has been seen that the stakeholders often seek development of this particular mountain resort on the lines of the other such places in the country but what they miss to notice is that this uniqueness is the beauty of this place and makes it the first choice of all kinds of visitors.

    Going by the serenity of the place, the government should think beyond developing it like any other hill resort by exploring options to make it a hub of sanitariums because it possessed all the constituents required for healing the ailing lot in a quiet place amid nature's lap with no entity disrupting the cause.  The pristine air, lush greenery, and soothing vistas offered by Patnitop create a perfect backdrop for a health-centric retreat.

    The concept of sanitariums, which combine medical care with rest and rehabilitation in a serene setting is likely to find ideal home in this idyllic hill station thus making it vital for the concerned government authorities and the private players to think and work on the idea developing the place in the right manner not only to provide succor to ailing but also to enhance the socio-economic standard besides providing number of avenues to the local aspiring lot in the shape of and opportunities. The geographical features including rolling hills, dense forests and scenic valleys offer a serene that is necessary for recovery and rejuvenation.

    With strategic planning and investment, this serene hill station can transform into a world-class destination for patient care and recovery, offering a sanctuary where nature and medicine converge to foster healing and rejuvenation.


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