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Life StyleThe Top Times To Stay Hydrated According To Experts

The Top Times To Stay Hydrated According To Experts


While social media is filled with many tips about healthy habits, it's important to check advice with medical professionals. A recent post outlined seven ideal times for water intake over the day. We consulted Dr. Pratik Tibdewal to learn more.

The seven intervals included drinking water after waking up, after exercise, 30 minutes before meals, before bathing, before bed, when feeling tired, and when under the .

Dr. Tibdewal explained that starting the day with water can boost metabolism, flush toxins and recharge organs after rest. Dehydration is common after sweating during workouts, so rehydration replenishes fluids lost and aids muscle recovery. Consuming water before eating prepares the digestive system and can induce fullness to control portions.

Relaxing the blood temporarily with water before bathing may lower blood pressure, though it's not a treatment for issues here. Staying hydrated while sleeping prevents dryness upon rising. Fatigue sometimes signals dehydration, so water provides a refreshing pick-me-up. And when sick, hydration supports the body's natural healing functions.

Ensuring individual needs based on activity, climate and more is important. Drinking water throughout the day incorporates it as a healthy regular habit for overall wellness, according to Dr. Tibdewal. Staying powered by H2O seems to be the consistent expert advice.

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