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OpinionsRAM MANDIR: A Paradigm shift in Indian Consciousness

RAM MANDIR: A Paradigm shift in Indian Consciousness


By Rameshwar Singh Jamwal

Now that Bhagwan Ram's idol, as a little kid depicting divine charm, has been installed by the Indian Prime Minister himself, in presence of the high and mighty of , the event has ramifications for coming centuries. It marks the shaking up of India's sleeping consciousness, of its potential to affect the in a positive way, just like the event, never witnessed before in Indian Sub Continent. There were many significant developments, in different walks of life of India and which has not happened ever in India's Judicial System, Bar Council of India had asked CJI Mr. Y.V. Chanderchud to declare holiday on 22nd January for all courts all across the country so that the persons in the Judiciary could perform religious functions from their homes or by going to Ayodhya to participate in the consecration of Bhagwan Ram's idol in the newly constructed Ram Mandir. The same was the situation in many sectors like Media, the film industry, the Corporate sector and so on. This massive euphoria, never witnessed ever at this scale, in any part of the world, negates the perception of many, especially in the rest of world and India's cynic political and pseudo intellectual class, that those interested in the movement are a fringe element or belong to a particular thought process represented by RSS or BJP, as the massive crowds thronging the processions and small events occurring throughout the country point out. The author himself, while in Maharashtra at the moment, is a witness to the sentiments of millions. The way the entire world's eyes are focused on this mega event, which has led to euphoria amongst millions of followers of Hindu Dharma and heartburn amongst many in the followers of other religion, who feel wronged by the event, it is imperative to understand the significance of the event and the consequences which will follow after the event. BJP will certainly reap the fruits of this euphoric culmination of the movement it launched several decades back in the coming elections and the opposition parties, especially Congress will be the major loser but for millions, who are feeling elated at this juncture, the gain or loss by political parties pales into insignificance. It is the sense of internal satisfaction and joy that they feel after several centuries of struggle for getting a wrong undone, not that they feel satisfaction in demolition of another's place of worship as Hindu religion believes in one power, which they feel is worshipped in another way by people of other faiths. Lord Ram does not represent the ideology of hurting the feelings of anyone or killing all those opposed to him, but represented a regime to remove tyranny and provide succor to every individual from such forces represented by demonic forces. He did not indulge in massacre of the defeated forces represented by Ravana and did no harm to the civilian population of Lanka and it is this thought process which needs to be understood and strengthened with the start of regular pilgrimage after the inauguration ceremony is over on 22nd January. The irreversible has happened and without going into the happenings which led to the events and scars for several centuries, the nation has to move forward. There will be forces and individuals who will not allow the things to settle down so easily but we must not forget that we have bigger challenges to face in the near future and must not lower our guards even in these joyous moments. There are political events happening all around us, which have security implications for us, the scourge of terrorism, drug crimes, social and economic inequalities and much more is stall haunting us and we have to keep the country on the track of growth for making the country developed by 2047, as conceived by the Prime Minister and at the same time not losing our identity as the spiritual torch bearer of the world, by spreading the Indian Philosophical thought process represented by Lord Ram, Lord Krishna and many others not only in India but in rest of world as well. Lord Rama's teachings and acts, are misinterpreted by many, according to their ‘Vritti' or nature and the amount of their intellect and these disinformation campaigns are bound to happen as there are many versions of Ramyana as well, written by sages, separated by thousands of years, but the main teachings and the way of life represented by Lord Ram and its importance in modern world cannot be lost sight of which is witnessing moral degradation, loss of respect for elders, apathy for the under privileged and many other evils, which prevail or are gaining momentum in today's fast paced world, focused only on money and material joys. Those visiting the temple after inauguration, will certainly get influenced by the ideology Lord Ram represented and his persona and teachings though his acts, will get imbedded in their inner consciousness and which is far more important factor of this Mandir construction. This change in our thinking mechanisms cannot be brought by opening of hospitals or libraries, as being advocate by some. The physical Mandir will lead to a positive change in our thinking mechanisms, about the richness of our past, about the shattering of many falsehoods about existence of Lord Ram, about our scientific contributions in the past, about the ignorance of rest of world regarding our language, our and our ways of governance, several thousands of years ago. It can also lead to the reinvigoration of our quest for finding the ultimate truth from a scientific and philosophical angle, the existence of ‘Par Brahm'  the dissolution of Universes (Maha Pralay), as enunciated by ‘Rishi Vashist' while teaching Lord Ram and the entire intellectual class, when Lord Ram became disenchanted in the worldly life during his teenage years, and which theory is now being pursued but not fully appreciated and understood by many Physicists and Cosmologists, and for efforts to truly depict the character and virtues of leading the life as enunciated in Ramayan and bring the requisite reforms in our religious, cultural and social life by starting a healthy debate, as being advocated, for several years. If we see the present moment of consecration of Idol, the opening of the grand Ram temple and the massive sense of satisfaction from these angles, we can understand that the Billions donated by more than twenty crore families in the construction of the imposing structure will be of much more value than the Trillions which will come to Uttar Pradesh from the development of this holy site and holy city and no religious minority should feel pain as another massive mosque is also coming in the same city, strengthening our claims of being a real secular country, where all can coexist, worship and prosper together, not practiced or witnessed in any other country of the world.


The author is a practicing Advocate of J&K High Court.


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