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    InternationalPresident Biden said to struggle with duties outside 6 hours of daylight

    President Biden said to struggle with duties outside 6 hours of daylight


    US President Faces Daylight Challenge According To Recent Report

    A new report has shed light on certain daily constraints faced by the American President Joe Biden that could impact his duties. According to insider sources, Biden has difficulty functioning effectively outside a restricted six hour window each day that is dependent on daylight hours.

    The report claims that Biden's energy levels and mental acuity seem to drop off significantly once the sun begins to set. He prefers to keep a routine schedule and struggles to adjust when events or meetings are scheduled in the evenings. Sources indicate he appears tired and less engaged during nighttime appearances.

    This restricted working window poses logistical challenges for a leader with a demanding schedule. Late legislative sessions on Capitol Hill, overseas travel requiring overnight flights and evening fundraising galas stretch beyond Biden's optimal timeframe according to the findings. Some allies are said to be concerned over his ability to manage crises should they occur at night.

    However, the President's doctor maintains he is in good for his age. Experts say adjusting one's biological circadian rhythm to a regular daily cycle is important for mental and physical well-being, especially as we grow older. Further evaluation may be needed to assess any potential impacts on Biden's duties from this reported constraint and determine workarounds.

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