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    InternationalKamala Harris seen as top choice if Biden doesn't run again but...

    Kamala Harris seen as top choice if Biden doesn’t run again but faces challenges


    As the 2020 election campaign ramps up, speculation is mounting over who may succeed President Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket if he chooses not to run for re-election. One name rising to the top of many experts' lists is Vice President Kamala Harris, thanks to her high profile role and experience navigating Washington's corridors of power. However, others warn the high threshold of scrutiny she has experienced so far may only intensify further as a presidential candidate.

    Elected officials and political commentators alike have taken note of Harris' forceful advocacy of key administration priorities on issues ranging from voting rights to economic recovery. Her detailed command of policy coupled with a proven ability to engage diverse audiences have burnished her credentials. “She speaks authoritatively on the major challenges facing America and offers a vision for overcoming them,” said one observer. “At this stage, no other potential Democratic nominee has made as strong a case to lead the party into the next election.”

    Nonetheless, becoming the standard bearer would up the ante considerably. Some argue the microscope on her record and background that comes with front-runner status risks amplifying lingering criticisms which dogged her primary campaign. As a high profile senator and now vice president, every aspect of her career faces intense vetting. While her defenders see such scrutiny as unwarranted and unfairly magnified by partisan actors, her detractors assert continued questioning is merited for any individual vying for the presidency.

    If Harris emerges as the frontrunner and official nominee, she can expect an even more robust and well-financed push to fact-check her every statement, highlight past stances deemed problematic, and dissect her long paper trail spanning decades in government. The looming challenges for would-be candidates underscore why definitive declarations of intent remain elusive this early in the cycle. Ultimately, voters will have the final say on whose vision and leadership style they believe can best unite and mobilize the party going forward.

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