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    TechnologyHow iPhone Users Can Now Send Talking Texts Through iMessage

    How iPhone Users Can Now Send Talking Texts Through iMessage


    iPhone users have a handy new way to communicate through voice messages on the popular iMessage platform. The latest iOS update introduced auto-transcribed voice messages, instantly converting spoken audio to written text.

    This innovative feature means recipients can read what was said even if they can’t listen to the recording. It’s ideal for times when playing audio aloud isn’t appropriate. Transcribed voice messages self-destruct once listened to, for privacy. However, users have the option to save important recordings permanently.

    iMessage is renowned for its security and usability. Voice messaging further enhances the experience. Now conversations can involve both the spoken word and text, keeping communication natural and convenient. The transcription occurs swiftly too, appearing within seconds of sending depending on file size.

    Sending talking texts is simple. Open Messages, find the contact, then press the microphone icon. Record and preview the message before sending. Apple handles the rest, attaching a written version for recipients. Just be aware edits aren’t possible after dispatch. But deleted talks can be erased from feeds if needed.

    For now, audio sharing through iMessage is limited to other Apple device owners. A future iOS upgrade may introduce interoperability with Android phones using chat standards like RCS. With talking texts, conversations on iPhone flow just a little smoother.

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