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OpinionsHaley blown away as Trump and Biden take super Tuesday by storm

Haley blown away as Trump and Biden take super Tuesday by storm


Two Oldies set for
November showdown with Haley tossed aside

By Sushil Kutty

“Indian-American” Nikki Haley's race against “American-American” Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination was belly up in all Super Tuesday states. The exception being Vermont, where even conservatives largely vote liberal. But after the votes were cast and the votes were counted, Trump hadn't clinched the threshold of 2015 delegates required to be named Republican presidential nominee.

He will, by March 12 or by March 19. Nikki Haley, the “last woman standing”, however, did not take the Super Tuesday hint to get off her high-horse. Trump avoided mentioning Haley in his victory speech, which CNN showed in “full” despite the Joe Biden campaign asking the media to give Trump the miss.

Trump continues to mention the “Chinese Virus” in his comments and has accused both Haley and Biden of being soft on China. Nikki Haley did not give a victory speech after her Vermont win. Vermont is Bernie Sanders country and socialist Sanders wouldn't give Trump the time of the day.

Trump and Haley were neck and neck before Nikki surged. Is Nikki thrilled? Vermont is too small a speck for Nikki to do cartwheels. Fact is, Nikki Haley has gotten herself time to think. One option is – run “independent”. Certain quarters and people are asking her to but reports are conflicting.

Haley has the long-term to think of. Trump, if he gets elected, will be a one-term POTUS. Haley gets another chance to run as a Republican in 2028. Will Nikki Haley spoil the chance by going rogue-independent? Haley is riding a razorback and cannot afford to slip. Trump's slew of Super Tuesday victories has closed the gate for Nikki Haley's 2024 White House run but at 53, there's still a long way left.

Haley should call it quits and not spoil the fair name of Indian-Americans though there are doubts if Nikki Haley considers herself “Indian-origin”. Nikki Haley has not once mentioned “Indian” or “Indian-origin” in her utterances or mentions; she hasn't called on Indian Americans for support, not anyone or any entity remotely Indian in disguise. Nimrata Randhava is “Indian In Name Only”.

Truth be told, the USA is not ready for an Indian American President of the United States. Another Black President is alright, but not a Ramaswamy or a Nikki ‘Haley' Randhava. And bet 100 dollars for 1000, no matter how much entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy dreams, Trump's VeePee pick will not be Ramaswamy or Haley, not even if those are the last two options left in Trump's .

President Trump has held Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a bear-hug and he wouldn't want an Indian-American in the Oval Office to look at on a daily basis. Trump won Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Massachusetts, Colorado, Maine, Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota and California and every one of these states have “American-American VeePee” candidates to offer, why jeopardize general election victory with an Indian American perched on the shoulder?

The fact is, the former President is forging ahead against President Joe Biden in opinion polls and the media is smelling a Trump triumph with a November media meltdown predicted. The last time Trump won, there was a snowflake rebellion and emotional chaos in liberal strongholds. Donald Trump on “Super Tuesday” called on Republicans to “unify very quickly”, which gives Indian-origin Nikki Haley one more chance to look the sun in the eye and drop out

Trump and Haley had as recently as a week ago traded insults with Haley not sparing in her thoughts about Trump's chances against President Joe Biden in the November general election. Haley believes Biden will take Trump to the cleaners and Republican voters think she is out of her mind hallucinating.

The big point is, Haley has a bus to sell, the luxury bus she bought and converted into an election campaign vehicle. Now, with Haley edged out, the bus is in jeopardy and where it is going is right under the bus. End of Super Tuesday, Trump is “on the precipice” to become Republican presidential candidate along with President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination.

President Joe Biden also won Super Tuesday and is poised to clinch the Democratic nomination. Trump and Biden will face–off on November 6 and Nikki Haley will be remembered for refusing to give up or give in. She failed to snap Trump's stranglehold on Republican rank and file though she had an amicable relationship going with the former President. Now Nikki Haley is paddling a dry riverbed. Her Vermont victory was not a ‘Trump' and for all we know, Nikki must be out of Trump's head.  IPA




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