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EditorialGear up for any eventuality on Border!

Gear up for any eventuality on Border!


As Pakistan has violated the 2003 truce pact after over two and half years of silence on borders without any apparent reason or provocation, it is advisable for the country to gird up loins and get ready for any kind of eventuality because the western neighbour is conventionally unpredictable and can indulge in the misadventure once again giving a hard time to the border dwellers living on this side of IB and LoC.

Although people of all shades and colours have decried the Pakistani move to pound mortar shells along the borders but unfortunately such criticism has no effect on the other side of the borders as rogue country Pakistan always remain reluctant in showing arbitrariness in its actions thus making it imperative for to ensure robust and safeguard the border people by taking all the precautions and pre-requisite measures so that no one comes under the fire emanating from across  the border as already two instances of ceasefire violations have been reported in October month with a total of three BSF men and a lady receiving injuries and damage caused to property and livestock.

It is anybody's guess that Pakistan is up to something because that's why the rogue country has indulged in firing along borders despite the rejuvenation of the 2003 ceasefire agreement at a military level meeting on February 25, 2021.

It is still not clear why the silence at the borders has been broken by Pakistan but one cannot rule out the attempt to infiltrate terrorists to this side under the cover of firing although this is simply an assumption with no one authenticating the same. This unjustified action by Pakistan could also be the result of west-Asia conflict because India's neighbor can do anything on the basis of presumptions and whims. This action of Pakistan could also be the part of ploy of denting the interests of India in a big way but nothing concrete has come to fore or made public by any of the authorities having the authority to disclose the same.

All said and done, it is the right time for the country to gear up with border edifice along with bolstering defence capabilities to counter any kind of aggression by the Pakistani troops. Rejuvenating border bunkers, storing ration, medical aid and other facilities for border people besides ensuring and other normal activities in case of any kind of exigency on account of probable firing from other side of the border should be the priority of the government as the situation is volatile and people are panic-stricken.

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