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OpinionsChronic anti- establishment!!

Chronic anti- establishment!!


Er.Rajesh Pathak

Before the partition of the country a section of the leftists was also there to be  active  inside  the Congress.  And  with well- planned strategy they even have  developed   proximity with Jawaharlal Nehru more particularly. The things turned  more lethal after 1930 as they began to support the doctrine of Muslim League, and set upon working  in tandem with them. One of their  most prominent leaders Comrade Manvendra Nath went on record to write in his one article that living in their respective different regions, the people there look upon  it as their motherland. They should be awarded their separate nationality, so that they may have right of having autonomous state, and as also, if they prefer, of being seceded from the country itself. (Swaraj@75, Sangharsh Bharat Ke ‘Swa' Ka : J Nand Kumar)

Today also they have shown by their activities  that when required they would broadly chose what harms the country in general, and against China in particular. They have deep network ; and it is widespread too. Not long ago a  leftist's inspired ‘Shipping workers' union'  organised a meeting and threatened the administration either avoid  despatching - stuff to Israel, or else be prepared to face their fury of agitation.   They probably would have   forgotten  that their days are over when once upon a time the ports were mainly owned by the government, and where they arrogantly ruled the roost imposing their will whenever wanted . Now Adani himself has  the chain of ports, where such  organisations have no place at all . As a result their  anti- bids came a cropper.  What government wanted that has been done without any hassle through his ports. Why and which   are the forces stood behind the opposition of Adani this incident explains everything once more. However, these sorts of anti-Israel protests have also come into light in the shipping ports of Spain, Belgium, California and many other countries.

Grown influential in diverse field of demographic importance, leftists with different denominations of their own have begun to pose serious threat now even to America – their land of habitation, like their counterparts in . However Donald Trump is now seems to have braced himself up against this . Of late in a convention held in view of coming election in the country he went on record to say that, hobnobbing with fascist forces, leftists had been notorious for adopting  all kind of  tactics  to wipe out Christianity and Church in the history. And now they are fully implementing every mean however unethical to take America away from Christianity. But if he would win back to reach white house in the election he would protect with all might the Christian values from leftists,  and would see them  flourish yet again.




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