IndiaExpose: Who planted, trained and wrote script for Gurmehar Kaur?

Expose: Who planted, trained and wrote script for Gurmehar Kaur?


Big Expose: Who planted, trained and wrote script for Gurmehar Kaur??

In the United States of America they have had a government of ‘Liberals' under Obama but the moment Right Winger Hardliner Trump evolved the Democrats (the Liberal Party of USA) have seen the dust. was under the liberal government all this while after Independence but when Modi evolved the Right Wingers have seen the rising sun in India as well. So, the left is going down and under.

So clearly left is fighting for its survival. And now you will look at some theatrics more often. In a series of such theatrics there comes a girl Called ‘Gurmehar Kaur'. The one who ‘Fights For Peace'. The fight for peace is same like Islamic Jehadies are Blasting the world to establish Islam. This “Fight For Peace” is to establish Left (or we may say demolish RIGHT) in India.

So many of the theatrics have been planted since 2014 from Christians under attack to Vemula to Dadri to Intolerance to Award Wapsi and now to Gurmehar Kaur.

Now, what makes us say so? Well we have evident proofs for that. Lets see how media and commies have planted her:

When Bihar elections were round the corner then Dadri was made an issue. On 28th September Dadri happened and that was the time when campaigning was going on in Bihar, the elections were to begin in mid of October. The whole Dadri issue, intolerance debate and Award Wapsi was going and it costed dear to BJP as they lost Bihar Elections.

Now, the UP elections are going on and the saffron party is surging despite Rahul Gandhi started campaigning in UP in September last year and other parties like BJP, BSP, SP have started the campaign just a couple of months back. Even after joining hands with SP, BJP is getting the majority in UP according to exit polls.  So, a MUDDA was necessary. We all were wondering from where on Earth this lady has come to the picture all of a sudden and taken all the limelight? So the right wingers have no doubt that she was planted by whom:

And suddenly Rana Ayyub the eternal Hindu Hater tweeted this girl as an ambassador of peace.

Now, lets give you some proofs that she was planted by Barkha. On 2nd May 2015 Barkha interviewed Gurmehar Kaur and she sensed that she is the perfect girl who can be planted against the right wingers.

May 2016. Ahem! So, just as we suspected, we found Barkha Dutt, the talent-spotter and Evoluter of Paki-lovers or morons, behind this little Mehar and having done an interview with her. From then on, it becomes very easy. It is likely Barkha must have spotted her and assessed her sentiments and found the perfect Bakri for a launch. She has done that with Pappu, Pappini, Kanhaiya, Hillary and even Udhav Thackeray but failed to Evolute anyone. I estimate Barkha put Mehar on to her protégé Arvind Kejriwal and life in the limelight is just around the corner. I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever that Mehar was coached by Barkha before the interview on the exact lines to use. And like a parrot those lines were reproduced in the tweets on May 2, 2016:

Now, check all these tweets made by NDTV on 2nd May 2016. In each and every tweet they have written “Gurmehar Kaur- The Martyr's daughter.”

When @MeadiaCroocks asked Barkha that “Gurmehar's father was not Martyred in Kargil then why did she write Kargil Martyr's daughter in her interview in May 2016” to that Barkha replied that “We got to know it from her video.” But the irony is the video of Gurmehar Kaur was released on 3rd May 2016. So, basically Barkha wanted to say that she watched the video a day prior to its release? And above every thing Gurmehar used all those lines in her Placard video, you can check the video on Youtubewhich were tweeted by Barkha on 2nd May.

So, not that makes it a bit more clear, right?

Now, in one of the placards Gurmehar wrote:

Like seriously, when she was 6 she tried stabbing a lady in Burkha? At the age when we fight to understand addition and subtraction she understood whom to hate and whom not to? And if we believe that she is right and she really did so then that makes it very much clear that Captain Mandeep Singh and his family used to hate Muslims to the core, as upbringing of a child depends upon its family, and they brain washed a little child. So, Gurmehar Kaur basically wanted to say the martyr Captain and her father was a ‘BAD MAN' with no Morals in life?

Gurmehar's father and other family members made her Anti Muslim but then she took inspiration from Barkha Dutt and became Muslim Lover. We are not saying it she herself said that:

While Gurmehar's father was portrayed as a Martyr in Kargil, as this will get more emotions than Gurmehar's father was martyred fighting terrorists. Similarly, a 6 year girl trying to stab a lady in Brkha will also get more emotions to it. So it was a completely fabricated story used by Gurmehar. Gurmehar became the true protege of Barkha and blabber all the shit that she wrote.

And post the Ramjas fracas between AISA (the Commie unions) and ABVP all kinds of fake allegations were concocted. While the JNU morons were called students, the ABVP was constantly referred to in the media as “Goons” and even as “Hindu extremists” by Sickos.

But it didn't stop there. Little Mehar had to go on and cultivate her exceptional adoration for one of the most detested politician of our times in Kejriwal and even troll PM Modi over demonetisation like her Guru:

Her statements in the above images can still be dismissed as harmless fun. But after the Ramjas episode she put out anther placard claiming ABVP were goons and she would stand up against them for FoE and ALL students of India were with her. A bit bombastic for a student. That made the entire Sickular gang stand up and applaud her “Bravery”. It was like she just conquered Tiger Hill all over again. But out came other placards from her video where she claimed “Pak didn't kill my dad – War did”. That set off a laughter challenge among the RW folks who hit back with jokes and satires that raged like a wild fire on the SM. People were shocked that the daughter of a martyr was defending Pakistani murderers. Even though her father didn't die in the Kargil war he still is a martyr for sacrificing his life fighting terrorists.

The SM-freaks are good “diggers”. Thus, they dug out all her past utterances, statements and Kejri-association. They also dug out her association with the Maoists and India-haters like Kavita Krishnan, Shabnam Hashmi, John Dayal in a concocted “Anti-war show”. Celebrities like Virender Sehwag, Randeep Hooda, Yogeshwar Dutt also joined in and had some fun. But the Sickulars in media and started branding them as ‘abusers” and more jokes followed. It seems FoE is reserved only for Commie Pigs and anyone hitting back with even wit and humour is unacceptable to them. They are always serious and angry like Mao or Yechury or D. Raja. They make me laugh a lot – I will give the Commies that much.

When the jokes, taunts and satire became unbearable Mehar and NDTV jointly concocted another story – that she was receiving death threats and rape threats. Now this is the easiest route a woman takes. That too is an inspiration from Barkha I guess, who is an expert and throwing nonsense and then playing victim when people hit back at her stupidity. I guess this is also the reason they chose a girl this time instead of another Kanhaiya – it's easy for a woman to play victim claiming “rape threats” than for a Kanhaiya to do the same. And Mehar didn't go to the police but to the DCW which is also headed by a controversial Aaptard, Swati Maliwal. And what explains Kejriwal rushing to the LG to complain and whine about a student Union?

Now we know who are the parties involved in propping up Mehar as another “Kanhaiya” to be used at an appropriate time. I consider it distinctly unfortunate that they picked on the daughter of a martyr to poison her mind with their stupid ideology and misguided notions of war and peace. Minister Kiren Rijiju is therefore right in asking this question:

Claiming Pakistan did not kill her dad and slyly leading Mehar to hold placards that would imply Hindus were anti-Muslims is a “card” very cleverly played by Barkha, Kejriwal and all the others involved in this fraud. And each time there is an election such cards and muck get thrown up now. This time around, I suspect they were a bit late for Punjab but still in time for the remaining phases of UP elections. Rijiju merely calls it pollution, I call it poisoning. And whenever some election or major disaster for the Sickulars comes up – our “poisoners” bring up some such concoction. So much so, that they imply BJP was the party that threatens rape and the Paki friends of these clowns promptly relay it too:

Finally, Mehar being burdened with the onus of proving rape threats must have weighed heavily on her young shoulders. Not a very nice ending to what she thought was courage and boldness in what her puppeteers coached her for. Folks like Kejriwal, Barkha and others USED this young girlwho now faces ignominy in the public domain. She tweeted she has withdrawn her “campaign' (whatever campaign that was) and wanted her privacy to be respected. The media didn't fail to spin even that as many grandly claimed “women are being silenced”:

No, women are not being silenced nor is anyone else. It's just that the Commie Fiberals are unable to reconcile to the fact that FoE goes both ways. And behind this young girl were forces that exploited her innocence and boldness. Even though she claims she speaks her own mind, I think we know damn well who scripted all her lines, placards and . We also know who threw her to hyenas like Kavita Krishnan, Shabnam Hashmi, John Dayal and others – people eternally nursing contempt for India. It should also be borne in mind that these puppeteers pick on certain specific universities or colleges to indoctrinate their venom among students. From JNU to Hyderabad University to Jadavpur or FTII. These institutions are the last bastions of Commies and I foresee a miserable death for their hate-filled ideology.

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