WUD opens its doors for freshman with Fresh Palette ‘22

NL Correspondent
New Delhi, Sep 11

University of Design (WUD) recently celebrated the arrival of first year students for academic session 2022-23 with a
cultural soiree “Fresh Palette ‘22”. The event revolved around the theme “Punk” and was organized by senior students to make
the freshmen feel at home.
Strung together in an array of power packed entertaining solo and group performances in music and dance, as well as
stand-up comedy and fashion walk featuring senior students and freshers, Fresh Palette '22 was an experiential treat to bring
back the good old college nostalgia for anyone who doesn't belong to that phase anymore.
Living up to the theme PUNK, students showcased their creativity in the way they dressed up the venue and themselves in
black, gold and grey hues. Expressing his jubilance as he welcomed the raw talent to WUD premises, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Vice-
Chancellor, who was also the Chief Guest of Fresh Palette '22 said, “Watching events shaping up the way they should, busting
the lull of pandemic I feel extremely relieved. Now is the time to nurture this fresh crop of students and set them in motion to
find their horizon. I am proud to witness how the seniors have built up a whole spectacle here to welcome their successors; it is
a testament of how strongly they stand up on their feet. At the same time with the campus buzzing with this electrifying energy
and positive aura all around I certainly know that these young minds know their calling and are here not just for healthy
competition but also to help each other out. My best wishes are always with them.”
Attended by all the members of faculty and students of batches from all the colleges of the University, the event had
everyone celebrating each other and the winners. From a huge turnout Ms. Stuti Vaishnava and Jaspal Rana was chosen
Miss and Mister Fresher respectively. The Best Dance Performance was bagged by Team Bhaatakha while the Best Music
Performance trophy went to Devansh.
Vibrant new beginnings always bring a ray of hope with them and the entire faculty team spearheaded by Dr. Sanjay Gupta is
buckled up to surpass their past accomplishments that they achieved despite the challenges the world faced together in the
past two years. The world now wants to see that bright light at the end of the tunnel.