Will build 3280 ft tall statue of Bhim Singh in Udhampur, says son Ankit

, Mar 21 : Ankit Love, son of late Prof Bhim Singh said that he will build the 's tallest structure in memory of his father in Udhampur, the strong hold of Panthers Party. “Prof Bhim Singh memorial statue is planned to be 1 kilometre or 3280 feet tall and will surpass the height of the European Union's Eiffel Tower by a factor of three, and will be taller than the world's tallest building the Burj Khalifa, said Love in a press communique issued from London. Love's plans include incorporating futuristic breakthroughs in material science, including utilising bullet proof light weight materials such graphene, and photovoltaic panels for solar power generation, it said. “The Prof Bhim Singh statue will double as a solar power station, generating clean power to thousands of families in its vicinity. It is Love's dream that the Prof. Bhim Singh statue will be one of the world's most famous landmarks,” it said. “Prof. Bhim Singh monument for clean air, will become one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, and promote the values of clean energy to save the lives of 8 million people that die each year from the invisible holocaust that is the Air Pollution Pandemic, which being completely ignored by our media leaders presently,” said Love. In 2017, Prof Bhim Singh and Ankit Love had together lobbied the Supreme Court chief justice to take emergency action to stop the Air Pollution Pandemic, as they believe breathing clean air to be the first fundamental and spiritual right for all people of the world, it added.