We Made Roadmap For Fast Track Courts And Fast Track Special Courts Under POCSO Act: Kiren Rijiju

SRINAGAR, Nov 17: Union Law Minister Kiren Jijiu on Thursday said that it was his government which made a provision to have special courts for trials of heinous crimes in the country. Rijiju said, “We made a provision to have special courts for trial of heinous crimes in the country – rape, murder of children and crimes against women. We made roadmap for fast-track courts and fast-track special courts under POCSO Act. We brought Criminal Amendment Bill in 2018.”
Talking about necessity of laws to be strong, the minister said, “Any crime that takes place, whoever be the perpetrator, law should deal with them strictly. There are courts, they will act. It is Govt's duty to strengthen courts. All courts are united and we want the law of the land to be strong.”
Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju is in and . He reached here on Wednesday to attend legal camps and to review some of the Judicial facilities.