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New Delhi: If someone says, he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying, or is a part of the Army. This statement is as true as the sun shone. They are, in the true sense of the word, “Heroes”

This is the story of one such individual. Born and raised in the small village outside VARANSI in the state of UP. Jai Pandey wanted to become a Hero from a very young age. In the midst of the thunderous applause that follows an on screen hero saving a heroin after fighting 10 goons on the silver screen, Anurag, failed to realize that his father is a hero in the true sense of the word. Jai's father, Dharmraj, fought for the country as a Foot Soldier or a ‘Sepohy'. The wound marks from bullets on his body and the medals on the walls, scream of his gallantry. But it seems Jai's ears have “Blocked” those “Notifications”.

Dharamraj has already made his elder son join the army. Jai knows what his father wants. But Jai wants to see his family happy. Since Jai came of age, he has seen his mother and his sister sacrificing for small things. At the same time, he sees his father's paternal brother, who is a government contractor and among the richest families of the village, taunt Dharamraj for his poor choices. Jai's blood boiled and he has been a hot head since he was a young boy. But he could not do anything to harm his father's esteem.

But now, Jai has decided that he will earn a lot of money and improve the financial condition of his family. In the attempt to get out of Military training, he finds a Point, Jai comes to know that a Cadet, cannot be married, his admission will be cancelled. But Jai, has never been in love, or a relationship. He barely has any female friends and there is no chance his father would get him married though an arranged set up. This is when Jai meets Bharti. Bharti has very high aspirations, and she wants to do something for herself in her life. She wants to be remembered for something. But her family wants her to get married. Jai realizes that if he marries Bharti , not only will her family be happy, but at the same time, she herself would be busy with her life and he can achieve his dream of becoming a Hero. They can both have a good life.

Jai tries to woo Bharti and portrays his love for her. But Bharti does not pay any heed to him. She likes Jai as a good human being and a friend, and offers to be one. But she clarifies from the onset that she does not have any feelings for him; she would only marry someone her parents choose for her.

Jai is losing precious time. He barely has a couple of weeks before he has to start his training and everything has to happen before it. This is when Jai comes up with a plan. He creates a situation where in Bharti and Jai get stranded and they have to spend a night together, in the hopes that by the next day when they return, the situation would have caught wind and Ananya's family would push his family to get them both married to ensure their names do not get maligned.

Everything is going as per the plan, but Bharti actually gets into trouble and this is when Jai risks his own life to save Bharti . What helps Jai is the pre-emptive Military training his father had given him growing up. While Bharti sees how Jai risked everything for her, she ends up falling in love with her, and Jai too develops feelings.

When they return the next day, is when Jai and Bharti's families question them about the night they spent together. But Bharti's dignity is at stake. Bharti tries to defend himself and this makes Jai realize his mistake. This is when Dharamraj intervenes. He puts forth the idea of Jai aur Ananya's wedding. Jai sees that his plan has worked, but he is not happy.

Jai sees his father breaking down for the first time. He sees Dharamraj in despair, as he will not be able to fulfil his oath. Jai sees this and it pains him to see his father in despair. Jai realizes that he is not just cheating his father but also Bharti, who truly loves him and whom he loves dearly too.

Jai decides to tell the truth, Bharti is shocked to hear this, but understands Anurag's emotion too. This is when, just before the marriage, Bharti tells Jai that she would not marry him until he comes back after completing his training and marries her in his uniform. Dharamraj is very proud of Bharti but is embarrassed by his son. Jai too takes this as a challenge. Jai vows in front of the entire village that he would make his father proud one day, and his father himself would bestow upon his chest, a medal that he wins.

Will Jai be able to complete his mission?

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