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EditorialIs vouching for free press genuine?

Is vouching for free press genuine?


Is vouching for free press genuine?

On Wednesday, the Press Day, the nation was told by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi stressing on the need for freedom of speech for the press. He further held that external control of media is not good for society. In the same breath, Modi expressed that any death is worrisome, but journalists losing their lives just because they were highlighting the truth, it becomes an even more serious then.


Such statements from a Prime Minister are really matter of satisfaction for free press and expression in a country. But the situation as available on ground tells a different story.

It is well known that from the day Mr. Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, things started taking turn for pushing the media to margin by using all sort of tools and tactics.


The worst act of Modi government was creating a vertical division between Electronic and Print, Big and small; favorite and disliked media etc. weighing these all on purely commercial and corporate parameters without giving the small and medium media any allowance for their spirit of freedom of expression; their means and resources, their local readership and influence and government's social responsibility.

The government and bureaucracy under it has started undermining the importance of small and medium and started relying more of the big and corporate controlled media.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has come up with new Advertisement Policy that has added few new and stringent clauses by virtue of these new rules the survival of genuine Newspapers have become difficult. For many newspapers, DAVP has paved the way for sure closure as it has silently and unfairly stopped releasing government advertisements to such newspapers who do not have right connections or marketing set up at New Delhi.


This publication will soon come out with the detailed stories on the whole gamut of government advertisement policy, its implementation and how it works- its modus operandii for eliminating all small and medium newspapers from the field by enforcing unfair, discriminatory and unreasonable norms to ensure that all publications, barring a few favorable ones, vanish from the media scene. The discrimination has been going on so brazenly that no one dares to take cudgels against them for the fear of victimization.

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