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EditorialVotaries of Pakistani Artists

Votaries of Pakistani Artists


Votaries of Pakistani Artists

Hypocrisy is as old as the existence of mankind. And we have been growing up in the full of hypocrisy. Knowing it all well yet no one ever gives any serious thought to the phenomena particularly in south Asia and more particularly in India.

Sometimes one wonders as if all rank hypocrites are born in India. We talk rule of law, fairness, compassion, peace, friendship, ethics, moral high grounds and all that seems virtuous by any definition. We show all these as a matter of social and strength forgetting what we have been reciprocated.

As we know how ridiculous looks when a coward talks of peace. Peace surely has its meaning if enforced from the position of strength. Likewise, an element in India takes the arguments too long for the sake of rights of others and even of Pakistani citizens, artists, singers and poets etc without understanding the real issue behind the controversy of banning Pakistani artist in Indian Cinema.

The self-proclaimed and so called Intellectuals, pseudo secularists, leftist, centrists and many more are found busy in stretching the issue to far while it does not matter a commoner who is more concerned about his livelihood.

The panelists and anchors too shortly lose the track on the subject and shout for and against the topic.

For whole of the except India, their country comes first. We have a vivid example from the most liberal and democrat country and super power United States where the media openly declared support the nation in crisis after the 9/11 terror attack in US. The intelligentsia and media spoke in one voice against the terror.

Trend in media is just otherwise, here speaking against the country, the majority and national ethos is just presumed as ‘tolerant, peace-loving, secular, liberal intelligentsia etc even if the arguments sans any logic and rational. \

Indians never asked for any blanket ban of the Pakistani artists. They rather provided them a huge fan following, love and affection and of course lots of money and shine. How can they go with such ban? But the truth behind is they did not utter even a single word of sympathy with the martyrs and condemn the act of terror even without taking the name of Pakistan from where the terrorists came from.

This is the insensitivity of highest order that despite such hue and cry they did not budge even an inch on the issue. So, that is the point that the advocates of Pakistanis are beating the chests. These votaries of Pakistani artists who exhibit the high-moral ground are often found indulging into immoral acts in their lives.

The so called secular-brigades and award returning intellectuals have always seen negating the pro-India emotions and sentiments without hitch and remorse and without appreciating the liberty they enjoy in India. Why do not they try a similar exercise in Pakistan media or elsewhere.

“Undoubtedly like for all Indians, India is the first and foremost,” responded the tycoon at an event in front of jam-packed audience. Ambani was answering questions from the audience during the ‘Off the Cuff' show organised by The Print, a digital media outfit owned by senior journalists Shekhar Gupta and Barkha Dutt.

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