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OpinionsVehicles plying without proper documents, authorities oblivious

Vehicles plying without proper documents, authorities oblivious


Ajay Sharma

Sunderbani, November 6

In a shocking revelation, the transportation sector in Tehsil Sunderbani, Rajouri, is under scrutiny due to a concerning lack of proper documentation, notably insurance and permits, pertaining to the mini-buses and Matador 407 vehicles operating in the area. This issue has raised significant safety concerns for commuters traveling to destinations like Dewak, Sia, Makol Mandir, and Upper Hathal.

“Recent reports have exposed that a substantial number of vehicles, particularly Matadors, are plying without the requisite legal documents, raising questions about the safety and security of passengers and other vehicles sharing the roads in these areas,” said sources, adding that the absence of crucial documents, including insurance and permits, has become a recurrent issue, particularly for routes heading towards Hathal and Dewak.

Sources shared that the Traffic Department initially responded by conducting regular check nakas for four to five days following concerns about potential accidents in these areas. “However, the enforcement seems to have waned in recent times, leading to a lack of consistent scrutiny, with check nakas now occurring only once a month,” said sources, raising critical questions about the accountability and responsibility if these undocumented vehicles were involved in any untoward incidents.

The locals of the area have emphasized the need for thorough inspections of the vehicles to guarantee compliance with safety standards and regulations. The lack of proper documentation and adherence to safety measures remains a serious issue, potentially jeopardizing the lives of the traveling public.

Talking to this reporter, the Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) of Rajouri pledged to address these grievances promptly, assuring the public of more frequent naka installations. The ARTO highlighted their recent tenure in the department and expressed determination to rectify the prevailing laxity in documentation checks for these vehicles.


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