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Jammu KashmirUnderstanding the Psychology Behind Online Gaming

Understanding the Psychology Behind Online Gaming


Gaming has become a surreal activity, especially within the online community, due to the ease and interactiveness it brings to individuals. These activities do help in community bonding and in creating social links.

However, online gaming does come with its own irks regarding psychology. There are multiple ways by which these activities, if carried out, can influence your psych, both positively and negatively – thus, the need to understand the concept.

This review article will reference three spectacular online casino games: Aviator from Spribe, Minecraft from Mojang, and Super Mario Bros from Nintendo. Read on to discover more information.

Aviator from Spribe

Crash games like this come with easy rules. Aviator involves a simple prediction of when the flight will crash. Easy right?

The adrenaline rush that the game produces due to its high-risk nature can sometimes be undeniably overwhelming. Play Aviator for free on Casino Days.

As a game with a supposed high reward, most punters are ready to risk it all. Also, due to its fast nature, players may experience high-reward scenarios that only last for a few seconds or minutes.

The game stimulates the same brain area that mainly controls pleasure and reward. Aviator is 100% transparent and fair. Players’ wins and losses are outcomes of what the Random Number Generators (RNG) decide.

Due to its fast pace, this game draws the attention of a large percentage of the casuals. Likewise, some high-rollers may find a reason to spend time playing it.

Minecraft from Mojang

Psychology controls how we feel or behave towards so many things in life. Although there is no formal research into how Minecraft affects players’ psychology, some general video game facts apply.

Some data suggest video games improve players’ problem-solving skills and social interaction. Research has shown that strategy games like Minecraft can help enhance the brain’s cognitive flexibility.

The kid player faction for this game keeps growing in numbers. A recent study shows that about 20.6% of the 100 million or more players of Minecraft are below the age of 16.

This game can be very addictive, especially for children with ADHD. The game might be time-consuming and require much focus over an extended period.

Research shows that about 80% of Minecraft players aged 6 to 14 play several times a week. Nearly half of them play Minecraft every day over an extended time.

Super Mario Bros by Nintendo

With over 40 million sales globally, this video game has a strong foothold in the video gaming industry. However, what is the psychology behind Super Mario Bros that drives its success over the years?

As you may already know, the game’s end goal is to rescue the beautiful princess, Peach. You must race through the mushroom kingdom while evading hurdles and blocks.

From experiences, many players have confessed that this video game has taught them the essence of perseverance. You usually have to try this game multiple times before completing a level.

A keen look at the hurdles in Super Mario Bros shows that even though things may look alike, they may be different psychologically. Research showed that the graphics and in-game music tempo impact players’ moods.

Research recorded that Super Mario Bros helped relieve stress while giving about 70% of its players a sense of satisfaction.

Escapism and Stress Relief

Online games can provide you with a momentary escape from your immediate reality. You could be going through a lot in the real world, thus calling for a temporary detachment from the physical world for some time.

It is often a relief that you can access many games with different themes and genres into which you can teleport yourself. You can explore virtual worlds in most games and even take on new identities and responsibilities.

You can spend extended periods playing video games with this unique characteristic of switching between multiple realities. This act of escapism can go a great length into helping you release bad energy, thus promoting stress relief and self-belief.

In a survey, about 69% of video gamers said they were playing for the essence of stress relief. Also, another study by ESA shows that 65% of gamers play for social interaction and stress relief.

The Dark Side: Addiction and Problematic Gaming

Video games can prove to be very addictive as it encourages compulsive behaviours to a large extent. Addiction affects players’ relationships, mental health, social interaction, and well-being.

The thrill of winning, the high-risk nature, the need for social recognition and public approval, and the competitiveness of these video games contribute significantly to excessive playing habits among players, thus leading to addiction and problem gaming.

According to the World Health Organization, about 3-4% of gamers worldwide are addicted. According to a study by “Jama Network Open,” they associated problem gaming in adults with poor academic performance. Also, video gaming addiction can lead to health problems like sleep cycle disturbances and obesity.




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