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EditorialTrump’s Pak treatment

Trump’s Pak treatment


Trump's Pak treatment

With a bitter sweet win of Donald Trump in recent United States Elections to the White House, the President elect, the expectations of have risen high. Hence, the long pending demand of Bharat of taking action against Pakistan to declare it a terror state has become hazy from not visible. There is a word going on that U.S. President Elect Donal Trump would be robust on context of terror emanating from Islamabad through militant outfits like Lashkar-e- Toeba, Jash-e-Mohandmmad etc…..

The two faced Pakistan policy of using American financial aid in the name of development and simultaneously juicing terror groups is evidently on its way out and it would be declared a state sponsor of terrorist acts if it doesn't mend its ways.

While on the outset, as long as US troops and NATO troops were stationed in Afghanistan, the American Govt. had no choice but to scratch Islamabad's back but now there no qualms existing to exceed any favours. The Bush and Obama Governments had turned a blind eye on the usage of American weapons by Pakistan against India, but casual treatment was given to the Indian side.

Not only is the state of affairs currently different with US troops having cleared the Afghan land but here is an incumbent who is starting a clean slate with no baggage from the past.

There is an acute realization in the administration and the political stream in Washington DC that Islamabad's leadership has been diverting the American aid to motivate the terror groups , many of whom have been known to cause attacks in the USA and severed American assets from safe havens in the Asian nations. The Pakistani claims of it working against the terror outfits have met the ground especially the way terror groups are acting  against India.
No action has been taken even against the Haqqani network that is hostile against the U.S. Recently, Pakistan's Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yusuf visited the Jammat-ud-Dawa headquarters in Lahore a possible front organisation of the LeT and met with JuD leaders as well as Hafiz Saeed, a terrorist whose name figures within the list of terrorists in the United Nation Security Council's Al – Qaeda sanctions committee. There could not be any better proof that Pakistan is protecting and supporting terror outfits on its soil for declaring it a state abetting terror.

What higher proof will there be that Asian nation is shielding and inspiring terror in its country which it need to be declared a state abetting terror. Its only eight years ago that terror attacks by LeT in Lahore  claimed 166 lives as well as those of 33 foreigners. In 2012, a Paki , Jubair Ahmed, was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for providing material support to the LeT.

It is a failed rhetoric of the US  of repetitive condemnation of terrorism while doing nothing against its main perpetrator. A litmus test stands in front of Donald Trump, whether he intends to declare Pakistan a terror state or continue the legacy of mere hollow threats.

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