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EditorialTrump’s Muslim Ban!

Trump’s Muslim Ban!


Trump's Muslim Ban!

US President's executive order banning arrivals in US from seven Muslim countries has shocked those countries banned and others expressing deep concern and condemnation some holding it as brazen move. However, many have also appreciated him for keeping his poll promise so promptly.

Pakistan escaped narrowly from inclusion in this category, though Trump has indicated in an interview with a television network that both Pakistan and Afghanistan will be among the countries whose citizens will have to go through an ‘extreme vetting' process before entering the US.

For Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, Trump paused the entry of travellers from these seven nations for at least 90 days, saying his administration needed time to develop more stringent screening processes for refugees, immigrants and visitors. There are clear indications that the order will be challenged legally.

Even legal permanent residents – people with ‘green cards' allowing them to live and work in the United States – were being advised by lawyers to consult immigration attorneys before travelling outside the country, or trying to return.

Trump's attitude towards Pakistan has been a cause for speculation especially after he was effusive in his telephonic talk with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The latest move of placing Pakistan on an ‘extreme vetting' platform should dispel doubts in that he would be indulgent towards Islamabad. Whether this would lead to attempts to leash Pakistan from fomenting and encouraging terror against India, only time will tell. But there can be little doubt that the US would be tough on terror in the US and that this would put him on a collision course with Muslim-majority countries in general.

Trump's executive order of Friday calls for the secretaries of State and homeland security, the director of intelligence and the FBI director to develop and implement new immigration screening procedures. But how far terror incidents would be obviated by these measures is a big question mark.

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