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IndiaTrump may not intervene on Kashmir

Trump may not intervene on Kashmir


Trump may neither intervene nor mediate for resolving the issue

, December 2 (KIP):The new US President elect, Donald Trump, may neither mediate nor intervene in resolving the Kashmir issue since it
has been a known policy of Washington that  as the problem is bilateral and Pakistan should settle the dispute through bilateral talks.US experts have suggested to Trump to further promote cordial ties with India because during the years of Barack Obama the distance between Washington and New Delhi had been reduced. This distance was further reduced after Narendra Modi was elected as  Prime Minister of
India. These experts have also suggested that India can be a dependable friend of the Americans and this relation can be further strengthened
if Trump takes on Pakistan to free the country of the menace of terrorist groups. Once the Pak Army ended the menace of terrorism there would be no need for exporting terror to India and to other countries, including Afghanistan. The US experts have suggested to Trump to mount pressure of Islamabad so that it accepts some conditions set by India for the resumption of bilateral dialogue. The first condition is to stop the
soil of Pakistan for exporting terror to India, Secondly all the arms training camps be shut where militants receive arms training and let
Pakistan Army stop ceasefire violations and infiltration of militants into Jammu and Kahsmir.
If Trump is able to goad Islamabad to accept these conditions India would be too willing to hold talks for resolving bilateral problems. Once these bilateral problems were resolved the south Asian region could be an abode of peace. (KIP)

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