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OpinionsThis Bacteria might be a big hidden threat

This Bacteria might be a big hidden threat



Catastrophic events mostly are culmination of a series of smaller events which are usually overlooked even by the experts in the concerned fields. One reason can be lack of proper dissemination of knowledge as people usually underplay the negative side of the problem. This self deceptive bravado may cost innumerable loss of life. One recent example can be Covid 19 pandemic. SARS virus has been reported from China, Hongkong, Europe, , USA since late 1990s in the form of Severe Respiratory Distress Syndrome yet, most of the global population including the majority of general practitioners were not fully sensitized about possible development into a global tragedy. As a result, the whole globe was caught unaware and grossly unprepared.
One more tragedy is already taking a foothold in the hospitals and nursing homes and this tragedy, unfortunately, is man-made. Doctors and chemists are using antibiotics in their prescriptions like potato is used in most of the vegetables. This is a dangerous practice which is already killings so many people but nobody is being held guilty. Prescribing medicine is a great responsibility as almost every medicine in every type of medical system has a potential to harm or even kill the user. A well maintained and meticulously protected body shouldn't need medicine during its survival time. We can plan our lifespan in such a way that we need very minimal medication.
But care has become an industry and every industry requires recyclable raw material to grow exponentially. As a sick person, you contribute to GDP ! Your self confidence is maimed to the extent that you start believing chemicals or concoction as panacea to all ills of your body. But medicines are no panacea as innumerable lives are lost every year because of the gross misuse of drugs which are used unjustly to make huge profits. Silent killers in the form of beautiful packaging are rarely blamed. They are rather patronized by the gullible. You must have heard an advertisement on your TV screen making the claim that toothpaste makes your teeth stronger. In reality, toothpaste is simply a cleaning and refreshing agent and can't directly make your teeth stronger. But people love to fall for deception.
One bacteria named Clostridium difficele ( c.diff ) has emerged as a significant threat to affected individuals as it is resistant to most of the antibiotics. Mostly, it affects a person on visiting a hospital or nursing home. It grows in the body while the person is on some antibiotic. The main reason for its growth is that the antibiotic kills good bacteria in the large intestine resulting in growth of bad or pathogenic bacteria like c.diff as they face no competition for resources. It is an opportunistic bacteria which cause diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain, nausea and loss of appetite. People over 65 years of age and with weak immunity are particularly prone.
As no antibiotic is effective against this bacteria in a large number of affected people, you have to swich back to mother of all medicines – your food. A combination of food items may save agony and even life in severe cases. Diarrhea causes dehydration which , in turn, leads to so many complications. Treating dehydration should be top priority. Drink small amounts of water, diluted fruit juices, ORS solutions, drink, bone broth and non- dairy smoothie made of almond or other plant milks are of great help as patient has already lost appetite. Small amounts at frequent intervals may help tide over the crisis. Plain curd or yogurt can also be tried.
Avoid gross fiber rich foods as they increase diarrhea complications but small portions of soluble fiber is good. Common soluble fibre foods are oatmeal, barley, apple or apple sauce, oranges, grapefruits, pears, blue berries, kiwi, beans, avocado and sweet potatoes. To bolster good bacteria population, go for unsweetened yogurt and kefir, tempeh, miso and kimchi in small portions. Small portions of fermented vegetables is also helpful but large portion may lead to excessive gas formation. In conclusion, it is the food you consume that decides how healthy you are. Medicines are offending agents. Try to find a physician who educates you not to take medicine because it is the only way to a healthy living.

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