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EditorialThink 100 times before making a remark!

Think 100 times before making a remark!


The latest controversy making rounds on social media and other public platforms, concerning Dr. Farooq Abdullah's remark ‘Let J&K go to hell,' has sparked several questions about the conduct expected of senior politicians in the country. Statements like these, which are no less than hurling abuses, should not be permitted, as public representatives hold the responsibility to act sensibly. They should be careful not to cross the thin line that differentiates good manners from bad ones.

The responsibility that comes with being a senior politician necessitates careful consideration before making any remarks. The impact of their words extends beyond personal , influencing public perception and shaping policy discussions. Prudent and thoughtful communication is vital to maintain public trust, promote constructive dialogue, and uphold the dignity of the political circles.

It is pertinent to mention that after furore over his remark, the NC Patron has come out once again but this time accusing the BJP of turning the erstwhile state of J&K into hell by downgrading it to a Union Territory. Being a ‘shrewd' political man and having expertise in chiselling the words, the Lok Sabha MP from Srinagar twisted what he had said earlier and accused BJP Government of not doing much to win the hearts of the Kashmiris.

Reportedly, Farooq has said, “You (BJP Govt) indeed are taking it to hell. Nothing is being done for ‘heaven'…Tell me what is being done for heaven? Elections are taking place everywhere. What is our fault that it is not being held here? Which other state was turned into a UT? Didn't you make it hell? You say terrorism has been eliminated, but is that the case?…You (Central Government) are not winning our hearts.”

The NC leader has dexterously tried to safely emerge from the controversy caused by his irresponsible remark. However, it is crucial for public representatives to remain cautious before uttering even a single word. Such faux pas can lead to awkward situations, potentially costly for the one responsible for the gaffe. It is not always possible to blame others for such mistakes. Not everyone is as fortunate as Dr. Farooq Abdullah, who managed to extricate himself from the situation by accusing the BJP government of not doing enough for J&K and its people.


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