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SportsThe need for enhanced cybersecurity in the Metaverse

The need for enhanced cybersecurity in the Metaverse


Metaverse is the latest buzzword, but with the buzz also comes the slew of security-related concerns surrounding this virtual . The question is, does the Metaverse herald the need for enhanced cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity challenges in 2022 with Metaverse

The online realm already comes with a host of cybersecurity related challenges, and now with the advent of Metaverse—the once niche concept of a centralized virtual world existing in parallel to the physical world where people can directly interact with each other via digital avatars—comes a whole boatload of more concerns.

A recent VentureBeat piece predicted that in addition to cases of cyberattacks and fraud, there will be a rise in incidents where fake non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are spread, along with malicious smart contracts that will dupe people into giving access to their personal data and cryptocurrency wallets. The use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices can also become an entry point for malwares and data breaches, not to mention the likely rise in the number of blockchain scams from suspects posing as legitimate financial institutions.

But the more pressing concern with the rise of Metaverse surrounds data privacy and security. According to the piece, “…the modern demand for user data is most likely to grow with the Metaverse, as it could provide leverage to collect more user data. Specifically, with Facebook behind Metaverse, it is bound to rob people of their personal information.”

Robbing may be a strong word, but it's the harsh reality the world is facing now. An ENV Media report on internet privacy notes that there is an “endless list of cyber-crimes might be associated with a user's identity or activity but those that place people on alert are of a more subjective nature – selling their personal information, taking over their browsing sessions or attaching their devices with viruses.”

Here's how cybersecurity can be enhanced in the era of Metaverse

The way to combat the hoard of cybersecurity challenges brought by metaverse is a simple but also complex one: there is a crucial need for the implementation of strict cybersecurity measures and protocols, which, in turn, will give rise to the demand for tools like VPNs, proxies and antimalware software that will ensure stronger security for mainstream consumers.

High quality residential IPs are becoming more in demand in recent years, especially with how it's now easy for anyone to “log in” to access any type of activity on the World Wide Web. , for example, is estimated to have the second largest share and number of residential proxies, with four of its tech hubs—Bengaluru, NCT Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad—within the leading 30 cities around the world.

With India forecast to have a “great early adoption” of the metaverse, expect an even greater focus among desi consumers on tools that will enhance their cybersecurity. As noted by ENV Media researchers in their report, “The undeniable and continuous awareness growth among online users about the importance of their privacy and protection leads industry experts to project a lasting and sustainable expansion of proxy markets. Users who generate demand for richer offers and internet freedom, similarly, can fuel the rise in proxy and VPN adoption across the globe.”

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