The Joyous experience!

During a brief visit to the newly renovated Polo View market in Srinagar some foreign delegates who attended the three-day summit, spoke to the media frankly that they found the place even more beautiful than they expected. They also found the people here very hospitable and incredible.
She stated that they participated in the SKICC brainstorming sessions and are hopeful that more foreign tourists will visit in the coming year. “We will definitely spread the word about Kashmir's beauty in our respective countries.” We are optimistic that Kashmir's tremendous tourism potential will be boosted. “We will undoubtedly play our part when we return home,” the delegate said, adding that “I have fallen in love with this place and its people.” I'd like to return, perhaps just this year.”
A South Korean delegate stated that has a rich culture and that Kashmir is endowed with natural beauty. “There is no advisory in our country for people who want to travel to Kashmir.” I would like to spread the word that countries that have prohibited their citizens from visiting Kashmir should immediately lift such restrictions and allow their citizens to experience nature up close. “There can't be a better place than Kashmir, but we've only seen Srinagar,” he said.
A Dutch delegate Joche who visited Kashmir for the first time found the place incredible and could not restrain his excitement about the people, food, culture, lakes, roads, and hospitality that he said were unparalleled. This location requires a global push. “I hope to see more people from my country come here,” he said. “We're leaving tomorrow, but we'll return with our families and friends.” When Srinagar is so beautiful with so much greenery all around, the beauty of other places can be well imagined.” He stated that travelling to Kashmir should be made easier because “this place is blessed with nature.” He emphasised that green tourism should be explored in all forms in Kashmir.
The J&K administration had made extensive arrangements for the G-20 summit in Srinagar, as it was the first of its kind following the repeal of Article 370 on August 5, 2019.
J&K is hoping that the summit will help boost the state's tourism potential, which includes green tourism, eco-tourism, film tourism, and off-beat tourism. More to it, the UT administration is planning to open 300 new film tourism destinations in Kashmir. According to official sources, 53 foreign delegates will fly to their respective countries on Thursday. “The event remained peaceful, and all the delegates were happy during their stay,” an official involved in the planning said, adding that the meeting's positive outcome will be seen on the ground in the coming months.