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KashmirIs stone pelting tool of resistance of people ?

Is stone pelting tool of resistance of people ?


Is stone pelting tool of resistance of people ?

,March 31 (KIP):- Hurriyat leaders describe stone pelting as a
sign of resistance by people in without realising that if
civilians get killed it is the result of reaction from the security
forces to stone pelting. Scores of security personnel get injured in
stone pelting and still the Hurriyat leaders call it a sing of

The Hurriyat leaders are opposed to 's oft repeated blame on
Pakistan  for inciting people to violence. What is Pakistani agencies
doing while inciting people to violence? These agencies from across
the border push groups of militants into Kashmir who are assigned with
the task of engaging security forces in encounters and through these
Infiltrators a word has been sent to people to start protesting at the
sites of encounters so that security forces react out of panic and
open fire on civilians.

Stating that it was ridiculous on part of the government to blame
Pakistan for instigating stone pelting in Kashmir, Hurriyat Conference
has termed stone pelting as a “tool of resistance in the hands of
deprived people”.

Hurriyat Conference spokesman, Ayaz Akbar said, “Indian authorities
are suffering from phobia and instead of realizing the ground
realities they unnecessarily imprecate Pakistan.”

“Indian authorities take Kashmiris for ride and hence people are right
when they show their resentment and anger.”

Refuting the accusation against Pakistan and history of stone pelting,
he said Kashmiri people resisted and pelted stones even against Mughal
armies “when Pakistan was still a dream and not even existing on map”.

Referring to Quit Kashmir movement against Dogra autocracy, the
spokesman said people expressed their resentment and resorted to stone
pelting as they were resisting tyrannical attitude of Dogra rulers.

“Stone as a tool of resentment remained there even after Dogra regime
was overthrown and when Indian forces occupied our state,” said Akbar.

Hurriyat spokesman said people are left with no other option as there
is no space left for peaceful political activities.

“People are massacred, fundamental rights being trampled; genuine
voices gagged and even mourning over dead bodies is barred.”

“Through this blame game, Indian authorities are desperate to mislead
community. It is an indigenous movement and people will
pursue it till their aspirations regarding the political destiny of
state are accorded due honor and ascertained through right to
self-determination,” Akbar added.(KIP)

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