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EditorialSociety-Security Synergy to curb Drug Menace

Society-Security Synergy to curb Drug Menace



has shown tremendous resilience in coming out of the whirlpool of violence intrigues and dubious politics that people see with new confidence. Terrorism supported by Pakistan destroyed society's centuries-old socioeconomic and socio-cultural fabric. Deaths, a mass exodus of Pandits, and increased unemployment eroded the composite way of life, increasing boredom, depression, and anxiety among the masses. With the people of Kashmir increasingly rejecting terrorism and a culture of violence, Islamabad's drug strategy serves a dual purpose. One is to attack the heart of social well-being, and the other is to fund terrorism within the Valley.

As a result, the Kashmir Valley is gradually becoming a drug hub in Northern , with a very large number of drug abusers. Less-used drugs such as brown sugar, cocaine, and marijuana are also readily available within the Valley and even in parts of Jammu due to the constant infiltration of drugs by Pakistan via the Valley's Kupwara and Baramulla districts.

The state-level narcotic coordination committee meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary in his last meeting revealed that at least six lakh residents in Jammu and Kashmir were affected by drug-related issues. A drug addict in the Valley spends an average of INR 88,000 per year, increasing Kashmir's rate. The near-total collapse of the Valley's age-old informal social discipline and control mechanisms enforced by village elders is a significant reason for such an alarming situation. Pakistan's nefarious assault on the Valley's cultural core has rendered this traditional social control mechanism ineffective. Village elders have also frequently collaborated with Pakistan's evil designs by remaining silent and endorsing societal degradation.

Security forces have successfully formed an alliance with the local administration in order to sabotage Pakistan's and allied forces' activities in the Valley. As the Pakistan-sponsored insurgency fades, security agencies have shifted their focus to drug peddlers. Authorities have taken some stringent measures like seizure of property and assets made from the illegitimate drug business. They have also seized massive amounts of contraband. Security agencies busted numerous narco-terror modules and arrested hundreds of people with large quantities of drugs, weapons, ammunition, and money. The local administration has also launched the Nasha-Mukt Bharat Abhiyan, a Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment initiative launched on August 15, 2020, to eradicate the menace of drug addiction in 272 districts across India. This programme has held large-scale awareness campaigns in colleges, universities, and communities.

The government should also initiate and facilitate public-private partnerships in which local police, military, paramilitary, and citizen bodies work together to rid Kashmir of narco-terrorism as it did in suppressing Pakistan's culture of violence. Creating a working synergy between Kashmir's traditional and formal social control systems can help to alleviate the drug problem. The security agencies, particularly the police, have repeatedly appealed to Kashmiris to join their campaigns to prevent Pakistan from keeping the terror pot boiling and destroying the youth through drugs, but there has been no positive response from within.

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