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EditorialScared students

Scared students


Scared students

With Donald Trump's ban order, panic has gripped particularly the student community in as they often heads for US destination for higher studies as they currently get a year of OPT (Optional Practical Training). Those pursuing STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) courses get an additional allowance of 24 months, essentially allowing them three chances (one each year) at the H-1B visa. But the leaked draft order says this extension would be revoked.

In the emerging situation, many students have started looking at Canadian and Australian universities in preference to US schools institutions even as counsellors are being flooded with panic calls from students and parents. A dramatic reduction in these numbers could hit the American hard but the Trump administration is oblivious to that eventuality. The tag of an American qualification is so coveted in the developing not the least of it in India, that aspiring students are being exploited by many universities with hefty fees.

It is small wonder then that many universities are mailing prospective students to tell them that they are welcome to their campuses regardless of what the Trump administration says. But it is easier said than done. If President Trump stays firm in his resolve to cut down on immigrants, there is little that the universities can do.

Now, if the US government does not act to woo student aspirants and persists with its myopic policy of shunning immigrants, the students would look to other destinations. In the bargain, the US would also lose out in attracting much-needed talent. Indeed, the loss would be both India's and that of the US.

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